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Alternate Realities: The State of the Union versus The State of the Media

Is there a starker contrast than that between the upbeat message of hope and pride in America's past, present, and future delivered by President Trump in the recent State of the Union, and the constant drumbeat of crisis, “chaos,” outrage, and bigotry portrayed by the mainstream media? Truly, it seems that Americans on

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The Time Has Come for Britain to Embrace a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Ever since June 2016, when the British people voted 52 percent to 48 percent to leave the European Union, establishment British politicians have been grappling with the consequences. With some notable exceptions, they have conceded that the will of the people would have to be honored, and some form of Brexit would indeed

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Good Riddance, Syrian Civil War!

The media and the political establishment's excoriation of President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw U.S. forces from the battlefield of eastern Syria has been blistering, as usual. Our exit from the Syrian Civil War is, in fact, well-timed and sensible. President Trump deserves praise for bucking the conventional Beltway wisdom to

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Shame on Fox News for Joining the CNN-Acosta Farce

Conservatives are rightly shocked and dismayed by two recent decisions by Fox News, an allegedly Republican-friendly organization. First, Fox decided to ban President Trump's anti-illegal immigration campaign ad after CNN decided it was “racist.” Note that Fox, NBC, and other media outlets didn't discover this racism on their own. No, they needed that

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The Stages of (Liberal) Grief: Depression

Having reviewed the unprecedented depths of denial and anger to which liberals might descend should their much-ballyhooed “blue wave” fail to materialize, we now proceed to the last stage of our analysis: how depression might impact Democrats and the Left after Tuesday. This will be the most important and enduring reaction they may

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The Stages of (Liberal) Grief: Denial

Having explored the sad history of the Left's descent into semi-madness following President Trump's election in 2016, we now proceed to a consideration of how liberals might react if their cherished “blue wave” doesn’t swell as planned. First, I must admit that the prognostications that follow are necessarily based on anecdotal and subjective

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The Stages of Liberal Grief: How Might the Left React to Midterm Failure?

While analysts and experts spill much ink trying to forecast the results of the November midterm elections, suffice to say that liberals have long since assured themselves of the inevitability of a coming “blue wave.” The left-leaning press has been only too happy to reassure them that America is indeed on their side.

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Consider the Source: Polls Predicting a ‘Blue Wave’ Are Unreliable

Understandably, Republicans are distraught when they hear the mainstream media endlessly repeat the mantra that the November midterms bode well for an historic “blue wave.” President Trump's alleged incompetence and borderline-tyrannical misrule of the rightfully indignant American people will produce a suitable backlash, we are told: Democrats will surely take the House of

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