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Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is a scholar, diplomat, and strategist. His latest book (with Felipe J. Cuello) is TRUMP'S WORLD: Geo Deus.

Davos: Peering Behind the Elite Curiosity Curtain

Thomas Mann, the German Nobel laureate and author of The Magic Mountain, made Davos famous for its mystical and curative powers. For him, it was a sanatorium to overcome the disease, psychological stress, and damage inflicted by modern life. In some ways, it remains so. These are my personal impressions as a former executive board

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Don’t Fight the Last War

A firm President Trump laid down the gauntlet on Iran and stepped back from all-out war when he announced in the radiant and brilliant light of the White House—accompanied by the full military brass, his vice president, secretary of defense, and secretary of state—that, “he was backing away from further military action” after Iran “backed

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Solving the Persian Problem

President Trump has had a number of advisers with seemingly very different strategies for dealing with the long-standing radical fundamentalist Shiite nemesis of Iran. This came to a head last week, when Trump pulled the trigger and extinguished General Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force and the most revered and powerful military and

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Do You Have Sluggish Schizophrenia?

On a recent CNN “news” panel, one of the mad zealots adamantly opposed to all things Donald Trump suggested that the president’s supporters and stalwarts must have something called, “sluggish schizophrenia.” You may not be familiar with that term since it was never used outside the former Soviet Union. Now it is one thing to

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The ‘Exile Chic’ of Leftist P.C. Evangelicals

With the obscure and departing editor of Christianity Today calling for the removal of President Trump in a vile and hateful, uneducated and partisan fashion this week, it proved that there are some (thankfully few) left-wing evangelicals for whom political correctness trumps biblical literacy. I don’t consider myself an exile, but I do consider myself

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Trump Saves NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization turns 70 this year. NATO is an old man looking for a mission and befuddled by the fact that only nine of its 29 member states pay their agreed dues—up from five last year, thanks to President Trump’s pestering. Not that he gets any credit for it. Nevertheless, that is

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The Mug Behind the Globalists (and Anti-Trumpism)

A “dark money” group that received millions from George Soros’s advocacy network is the source of a seven-figure ad blitz urging vulnerable Republicans in swing districts to support the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. In the battle royale between patriots and globalists, between Trump and his myriad of adversaries that my co-author Felipe Cuello

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Postmodern Revolution and Ukraine

Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti birthed a “Republic of NGOs”—in government, this is a much-vaunted case study by international humanitarians—the postmodern revolutionary’s quiver found a new arrow with which to fight power. The “civil society organization,” direct descendants of Gene Sharp’s OTPOR movement in Yugoslavia, has been the organizing method of choice for the

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