Articles by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

A Winning Theme for an Unconventional Republican Convention

n Monday night, an unconventional Republican National Convention will open in a slimmed-down, less-than-physical version, sans balloons and a roaring crowd. One theme needs to be brought home, again and again. President Trump should make it the memorable line from his acceptance speech on Thursday evening to millions across the land of every creed, gender, […]

The Rise of the Foreign Policy Voter

obody cares about foreign policy” is a truism within the larger political community. It is thought to be nearly a nonissue when people go to vote. But this is an assumption that bears examining. The 2020 election is essentially a referendum on two different foreign policies: globalism vs. patriotism. Donald Trump inaugurated his campaign in […]

The Democrats’ Cargo Cult

argo ritual, or cargo cult, is a religious practice whereby relatively primitive societies attempt to conjure up modern technology or lifestyle advancements through ritualistic behavior. Classic examples include the building of an airplane runway in the hopes of materializing the kind of cargo that airplanes bring, or building radios out of coconuts and straw. The […]

Ignarus Maximam: ‘Flat World’ Tom Friedman, Arch Globalist

ike the stubbornly ignorant (and wrong) ancient defenders of the “flat earth” theory, Tom Friedman, even in the face of mounting scientific reality and abundant evidence, continues to shill for everything ultra-chic, hyper-liberal, woke, and globalist. Indeed, he appears to be the principal spokesman for these causes. You could easily write his unoriginal New York […]

The Democrats’ Man Is Certifiable

any of us have had older relatives, friends, perhaps even parents or grandparents, who were in sharp cognitive decline. Some suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease or from various forms of dementia. The symptoms were most noticeable: Memory loss Difficulty planning or solving problems Difficulty doing familiar tasks Being confused about time or place Challenges understanding […]

Infrastructure Next

lmost everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, agrees that the United States needs a massive infusion of infrastructure development—especially now to boost the debilitating coronavirus effect on the economy.   Donald Trump is a builder by profession, and he should do a deal now with Congress to avoid a receding economy and rebuild the country in this […]