Articles by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

The Democrats’ Man Is Certifiable

any of us have had older relatives, friends, perhaps even parents or grandparents, who were in sharp cognitive decline. Some suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease or from various forms of dementia. The symptoms were most noticeable: Memory loss Difficulty planning or solving problems Difficulty doing familiar tasks Being confused about time or place Challenges understanding […]

Infrastructure Next

lmost everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, agrees that the United States needs a massive infusion of infrastructure development—especially now to boost the debilitating coronavirus effect on the economy.   Donald Trump is a builder by profession, and he should do a deal now with Congress to avoid a receding economy and rebuild the country in this […]

Do You Have Sluggish Schizophrenia?

On a recent CNN “news” panel, one of the mad zealots adamantly opposed to all things Donald Trump suggested that the president’s supporters and stalwarts must have something called, “sluggish schizophrenia.” You may not be familiar with that term since it was never used outside the former Soviet Union. Now it is one thing to […]

The ‘Exile Chic’ of Leftist P.C. Evangelicals

With the obscure and departing editor of Christianity Today calling for the removal of President Trump in a vile and hateful, uneducated and partisan fashion this week, it proved that there are some (thankfully few) left-wing evangelicals for whom political correctness trumps biblical literacy. I don’t consider myself an exile, but I do consider myself […]