Big Tech

Is Big Tech Breaking Campaign Finance Laws

The president and the GOP should weigh all of their options on how to pursue legal recourse against these companies for openly campaigning on behalf of Democrats in possible violation of federal law.

Google Is Getting Grabby

Given the brazenness of Google’s purloining and the historic precedent a Supreme Court decision could set, it’s no surprise that people from many creative walks of life are voicing support for Oracle.

Big Tech Faces Scrutiny on the Hill

The fight over Big Tech is an existential question about the power of megacorporations to commoditize and control every feature of our being—and the larger questions that poses about the nature of liberty.

If You Build It, We Will Trash It

It’s a bit rich for the “free enterprise” crowd’s first response to a surge toward a Twitter alternative to be so publicly negative, nasty, dismissive, and crude.