Our Town

What is the importance of a political philosophy held only by a self-appointed intellectual elite and not lived by the citizens who must endure it?

While We Were Sleeping

We must expose the bad guys for who they are and keep doing it. It’s called vigilance. And that is something the internet can do. That’s why you are able to read this. 

In Our Time

How is it that previous generations did so much with so little, and we are still living now on what they built? Are we beyond rebuilding?

No Going Back

The old normal isn’t coming back without some new thinking about what structures will reinvigorate our old principles.

Why Bother?

If the struggle to better ourselves, with artificial intelligence or anything else will only lead to our self-destruction, why bother?

A New Year, A New Political Party?

Likely now is the time to start a new political party, with stated principles not unlike the Declaration of Independence, and constructed carefully in ways that will avoid the defects of the past.