Immigrants Change Cultures, For Good and Ill

The most frequently used description of America by those who advocate for large numbers of immigrants—those here legally or illegally—is "America is a nation of immigrants." The statement sounds meaningful. But in reality, it's meaningless. What else could America be? If no one had come to America from elsewhere, the North American continent

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Saving the American Dream

It was winter and the streets of Vienna were covered with snow. The plows were busy for most of the night, and I watched them go up and down the street. I couldn’t sleep because earlier that day, I had had an interview at the American embassy that would determine whether I would

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Mayday for Brexit

President Trump managed to ruffle a few feathers during his visit to Great Britain this week before Air Force One even stroked the runway. Then, when he arrived, he nuked the entire country. The disruptor-in-chief, sugar-blooded from shaking a few defense pennies from spendthrift NATO allies, brawled into Prime Minister Theresa May’s headspace,

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Abolishing the Democrats

It’s almost as if the Democrats cultured their newest and shiniest pet in a petri dish. Person of color? Check. Not male, pale, or stale? You bet. Millennial? Goody. Tenuous link to the struggles of people Democrats used to care about? Gotcha.   Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is the “future” of the party, at least

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America Is Not a Nation of Immigrants

America is a nation of immigrants. It’s a commonplace among the political class. Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), emergent leaders in the open-borders vanguard of the Democratic Party, never tire of saying so. Both object to the Trump Administration’s hard line on border control and have buttressed their calls

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Iftar and City Hall: Separation of Mosque and State?

As Muslims observed the month of Ramadan this year, more city halls were full partners in hosting and promoting religious Iftar dinners. This year Philadelphia and Atlanta sponsored a ceremonial dinner to mark the end of Ramadan fasting in their respective city halls. Bloomington, in Minnesota, co-sponsored an Iftar and invited public employees

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Donald Trump Wins Mexico’s Election

The weekend winner of Mexico’s presidential election  was the leftist-populist former mayor of Mexico City, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known popularly as AMLO). Some commentators have even suggested that AMLO’s victory is a loss for Donald Trump. But if anything, the results of this election just might have been the greatest gift from

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