Populist Losers Keep Winning

Perhaps the populist wave breaking across Europe had calmed into a dampened squib by the time it reached liberal Sweden last week, but the ripples have already made it onto dry land. After a tumultuous election uncharacteristic of Swedish kumbaya and its usual progressive Olympics, the populist Sweden Democrats landed with 18 percent

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Immigrants Won’t Pay for Our Pensions—We’ll Pay for Theirs

Ask any Democrat why they support open borders and invariably they will respond with one of two pre-packaged answers: because "diversity is our strength" or "we need immigrants to pay for our pensions." The first argument is a sham: if liberals valued diversity they would welcome conservatives to college campuses and tolerate them

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Immigration Moves Europeans Right

Angela Merkel’s dastardly decision to throw open Germany’s borders to more than 1 million mainly Syrian migrants in 2015 didn’t quite go as planned. The German Chancellor’s grandiloquent gesture meant to exorcise German history once and for all instead cleaved through the middle of a once-reliably measured and “open” nation. Even in Germany,

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America 2025: Made Great Again

Exhausted. Exhilarated. Thankful. And ready to get back to work. Those are some of my feelings after watching President Kobach take the oath of office this morning. But more than anything else, today is a day of contented reflection. The past decade has been one of constant activity. Since the day Donald Trump

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The Price of Tacos

Rob Tibbetts said something quite remarkable during his eulogy for his daughter, Mollie, whose body was discovered in an Iowa cornfield last week. Instead of the quiet, seething rage one might expect from a Midwesterner whose daughter was murdered and quite possibly raped by an illegal alien, Tibbetts instead expressed not just tolerance,

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Alex Nowrasteh’s Procrustean Bed

Alex Nowrasteh is many things. He is the Cato Institute’s senior immigration policy analyst. He is a self-described “radical” open borders advocate. And he is Tucker Carlson’s punching bag. But most importantly, Alex Nowrasteh is Procrustes: Procrustes boasted his inn’s bed was the most comfortable in Greece, fitting all men regardless of their

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Lessons from Mollie Tibbetts and Other Murder Victims

A Mexican illegal alien who supposedly “blacked out” after abducting Mollie Tibbetts still managed to lead Iowa police to the body of the 20-year-old University of Iowa student. A trial date has yet to be set but the accused murderer has already resolved some mysteries. Cristhian Bahena Rivera “was not who he said

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