Looking Forward to an Exciting Lame-Duck Session

Despite Democratic gains in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Election Day outcomes were far from the big blue wave that liberals promised Though Democrats managed to flip the House, the loss of at least 30 Republican seats is in line with historical averages. Generally speaking, the president’s party loses around 30 seats

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It’s Not the Economy, Stupid

Paul Ryan used to give copies of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as Christmas gifts. The novel, a long ode to what Rand called the “virtue of selfishness,” sums up the departing House Speaker’s own obsessions.Owning a copy is more a status signal than anything. “I make all my interns read it,” he told The

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Originalism and Birthright Citizenship

Republicans have long proclaimed their belief in constitutional originalism. Like low taxes, it’s become a mantra, but one wonders how serious they are. Originalism has consequences, and if embraced, a large part would involve undoing court-created rights that have restrained the political branches, particularly the states. Another large part would require scaling back

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The ‘Sacred’ Walls of Donald Trump

With each step the “caravan of contradictions” takes toward our border, another progressive illusion slips away. Victor Davis Hanson considers this mob, and by extension the events surrounding it, a “paradox, a contradiction, and an irony.” He’s right. The “reasoning” of progressives that leads them to endorse opening our borders to a group

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Citizenship and Choice

As caravans of would-be illegal migrants heads for our southern border, each bigger and better organized than the last; as Chinese travel agencies schedule trips to America for mothers-soon-to-be; as the number of births to foreigners and illegals added to the results of chain migration (a.k.a “family reunification”) make up an ever-growing part

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How Progressives Killed Birthright Citizenship

Progressives may very well have set the table for the end of birthright citizenship by executive order or legislation during the 1990s. This was not their intention, of course, but in their unprincipled pursuit of political power, they unwittingly might have choked off all attempts to cover birthright citizenship in a constitutional mantle.

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Hello Honduras, Goodbye Columbus

On the morning of March 16, 1916, with World War I already raging in Europe but America still neutral, the Mexican bandito Pancho Villa led a military raid on the dusty border town of Columbus, New Mexico. At that time, New Mexico had just passed the fourth anniversary of its statehood and remained

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