Americanization: An American Idea That Works

The Trump Era is iconoclastic as much as it is mythoclastic, with one chimera slain after another. But some lies die harder than others. Alex Nowrasteh, the Cato Institute’s senior immigration policy analyst, is a self-described “Globalist [and] Elitist.” Who better to lecture Americans on patriotism? Recently, Nowrasteh joined the chorus lambasting Michael

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Libertarian God-Kings Throw in With Democratic Socialists

The well-heeled, much-feared Koch network announced from its biannual meeting in Colorado Springs this week that it would withhold support from Republican candidates in three of the eight closest races for U.S. Senate. The news, reported in Politico and elsewhere, probably shouldn't come as a surprise. Libertarians, who value their utopian principles more

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Why Artificial Intelligence Will End the Need for Immigration

When you think of a “developing country,” what type of nation comes to mind? Any number of Latin American, African, Middle Eastern, or Southeast Asian countries, probably. What makes them “developing”? Any number of socio-economic factors, including poor infrastructure, political corruption, conflict, ethnoreligious tension, poverty, high unemployment, and famine—to name a few. A

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Hathawayan Idiocy Underscores the Left’s Moral Bankruptcy

Tragedy struck when Nia Wilson, a black teenager, was stabbed and killed in Oakland last week. The suspect, a white man named John Lee Cowell, was out on parole following a two-year prison sentence for second-degree robbery with a fake gun and a box cutter. Wilson’s murder was the latest in three separate

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Bannon Builds a Bomb

Liberals keen to wake up from what they regard as a prelapsarian nightmare in which fascists have stormed the White House, and “The Handmaid’s Tale” is some kind of documentary, might want to invest more time in their painful misreading of dystopian fictions. What therapists call dissociative behavior, liberals aghast at the warp and

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Dred Scott? Seriously?

The radical Left’s resort to ad hominem attacks and allegations of “racism” against their political opponents has become so commonplace that the charges have become virtually meaningless. Apparently, the open-borders Right now thinks that by joining the catcalls, they can resurrect some of the old sting. How else to explain the recent spate

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