Articles by Cindy Simpson

The Political Tsunami of 2020

ur nation survived 2016’s “Flight 93 Election.” We charged the cockpit, elected President Trump, and achieved four years of making America great again. But now it’s time to buckle up for 2020, as all indicators warn that our nation’s flight path is heading straight into a massive political tsunami. You may recall the tale of […]

Nursing Home Heartbreak

he lockdown strategy to combat COVID-19 may be saving lives, but it is also breaking hearts—especially those of the ones we should honor the most: our elderly. COVID-19 has recently been dubbed the “nursing home disease.” Of course it is. No one should have been remotely surprised that a highly infectious virus would more adversely […]

Reopen Society And Shut Down Moral Narcissism

oral narcissists are helping to make sure America’s COVID-19 lockdown continues in full force, shaming anyone who objects, refuses, questions, or even simply voices concerns or complaints. I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already is the title of Roger Simon’s fascinating 2016 book on the subject of moral […]

Putting Families First to Trump the Ruling Class

The country class victory over the ruling class in 2016 with its election of Republican President Donald Trump was momentous. For the ruling class, however, the 2020 election is lining up to present an even more seismic shift. Whomever from the long list of Democratic presidential hopefuls wins the nomination, odds are good that person […]

Tucker Carlson’s Witness

Tucker Carlson’s now ubiquitous 15-minute monologue from his January 2 show is causing some conservatives a bit of consternation. Not because what he said was new or groundbreaking (it wasn’t, really), but apparently because Carlson dared to say it in the first place. What is most alarming, however, is that it needed to be said […]