New Party Aims to Make Canada Great Again

A new right-wing populist party in Canada faced its first electoral challenge this week, performing exactly how populist parties should: by drawing to the polls disaffected conservatives who otherwise would have stayed at home. Although the election was a one-off byelection for one of Canada’s 338 parliamentary seats and the party didn’t win,

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February Border Apprehensions: At Crisis Levels

In February, Border Patrol apprehended 66,450 persons attempting to cross the unsecured border between official crossing points.  This was an increase of 18,557 (+39%) over the previous month and 39,784, a whopping 150%, over the same month last year.We have updated our annual forecast for apprehensions for calendar year 2019, which stood at 606,000

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The Problem Is Legislative Overreach, Not Executive

In 1975, two years after Richard Nixon negotiated the Paris Accords and ended the war in the Vietnam, the Communist North Vietnamese reneged and invaded South Vietnam. Instead of defending the South as Nixon promised we would do in this event, President Gerald Ford looked on helplessly as the Democratic Congress would not

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New Yorkers Do to Florida What Latin Americans Do to America

Given the constantly reiterated left-wing charge that opposition to massive immigration is racist and xenophobic, it is important to restate the truth: The reason for opposition to mass immigration into the United States—from almost anywhere in the world, whether legal or illegal—has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. The issue is entirely

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Gated City Upon a Hill

In New York City you will find about a quarter-million African-born immigrants, most of whom trace their origins to Ghana. Though they are far from birth home, many still consider themselves part of Ghana’s Ashanti ethnic group and are card-carrying members of the Asanteman Association of the USA. The motto of which, Kum

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Congress Shirks its Powers and Then Cries ‘Thief!’

A bipartisan howling is coming from Congress about President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build the border wall. And while hypocrisy in Washington is always in the water, on the question of immigration, there is enough of it to make your hair curl. Both Republicans and Democrats alike have rushed to

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The Threat to English

For decades, immigration enthusiasts have offered conflicting assurances to skeptics who perceive a lack of assimilation among newcomers. Multiculturalism is a great gift to the United States, so why worry? Also, assimilation is proceeding apace, so, again, why worry? The former assurance is generally directed at liberals, and the latter is directed at

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Trump Promised a Wall and Delivered an Amnesty

President Trump promised the country a wall but instead delivered the biggest amnesty since 1986. Amnesty in this case doesn’t mean citizenship, it means de facto legal status by creating a new protected class of illegal aliens who are immune to detention, prosecution, and deportation. The law doesn’t stop there. Here are the

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