Lessons from Mollie Tibbetts and Other Murder Victims

A Mexican illegal alien who supposedly “blacked out” after abducting Mollie Tibbetts still managed to lead Iowa police to the body of the 20-year-old University of Iowa student. A trial date has yet to be set but the accused murderer has already resolved some mysteries. Cristhian Bahena Rivera “was not who he said

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How Vox Misleads the Public About Immigrant Crime

As frequently as Vox comes to the defense of America’s worst criminals, one should be accustomed to the steady stream of misinformation churned out by these self-appointed “news explainers.” What followed from Vox after Mollie Tibbetts’ murderer turned out to be an illegal alien, however, warrants a response. German Lopez, a writer for

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Sweden Takes a Chance on New Populist Wave

American progressives are often beside themselves when extolling the apparent and deceptive wonders of the Scandinavian model. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) doesn’t stop yapping about Denmark. Indeed, whenever “democratic socialists” are asked to enumerate a country in which their creed has actually worked and not ended in the repression and slaughter of countless

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On Doublespeak In the Immigration Debate

It is important to remember it is possible to make the distinction between legal immigrants and illegal aliens without demonizing illegal aliens. We should not fear making that distinction, because there is a gradation in the severity of crime. The difference between murder and theft, for example. Illegal aliens are law-breakers by definition,

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Pay Attention to the Killing of Mollie Tibbetts

Iowa police announced this week what we long suspected: Mollie Tibbetts, the Iowa college student who was missing for over a month, is dead. The preliminary autopsy report, released Thursday, reveals that she was killed by “multiple sharp force injuries.” Prosecutors have filed first-degree murder charges against Cristhian Rivera, a 24-year-old Mexican who

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‘Toxic Masculinity’ Didn’t Kill Mollie Tibbetts, Lax Border Security Did

On the early evening of July 16, 2018, 20-year-old rising college sophomore Mollie Tibbetts went for a run. In the tiny town of Brooklyn, Iowa, this wasn’t unusual. With only about 1,500 residents, Brooklyn is a town in the middle of America’s heartland where “not a lot of big things happen.” Enter Cristhian

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Why Do We Keep Calling Illegal Aliens ‘Undocumented’?

Cristhian Rivera, who entered America illegally from his native Mexico, is charged with first-degree murder in the brutal killing of college student Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa. Yet few news organizations call him an illegal alien or an illegal immigrant. They either call him “undocumented” or avoid drawing attention to his illegal status. The

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The Institutionalized Race War

Disgraced former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman warns that President Trump may trigger a “race war.” But that war is already underway, and the Left fired first, emboldened by the poison of identity politics. That the Left is waging war on America in explicitly racial and ethnic terms is not something that

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Remember Mollie Tibbetts

Democrats say “love trumps hate,” and they're not wrong—at least, not for the reasons they think. Donald Trump won in 2016 precisely because love trumps hate—the love of a parent for her children; the love of people for their community; and the proper love citizens have for their country. Those people—62 million Americans,

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‘Laura Ingraham is Right’

To understand why Ms. Ingraham has a point, let’s take a trip to San Diego, California, where you can catch Los Tucanes de Tijuana playing the San Diego County Fair in summer. Los Tucanes are billed as “global ambassadors of Nortena music and corridos and ballads,” and if you miss them in California,

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