Is the Border a Crisis or Not?

When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, immigration was on the minds of millions of Americans. Trump single-handedly destroyed the old consensus of the Republican Party’s political experts, who believed being soft on social matters and free-market-oriented on economics was the recipe for success. Instead, he capitalized on the large cohort of

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Kill Coyotes

Migrant women are so likely to be raped by people smugglers (coyotes) on the way to the U.S.-Mexico border that standard procedure is to ingest birth-control before starting the trek. So common is the brutalization of women by coyotes that in smuggling towns along the way pharmacists are at the ready. In one

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Too Few Homes, Too Many Homeless: How to Fix It

It’s already spring in subtropical California. Up and down the coast, from Venice Beach to San Francisco, tens of thousands of homeless people live in makeshift abodes, strewn along the streets and alleys, the beaches and boardwalks, beside parking garages, freeway onramps, and under bridges. Their numbers are increasing every year. They now

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No Constitution for Divided Men

Whether we like it or not, the defining political disagreements of our time are no longer based on differences of constitutional interpretation. “Limited government” is probably the most broadly accepted unifying principle of the conservative movement. You can find the phrase in the mission statements of the country’s most prominent right-leaning think tanks.

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Human and Drug Smuggling Trends under Trump

Historically, two major types of "contraband" come over the unsecured southwest border: economic migrants and marijuana. Any initiative predicated on closing the border using a market mechanism—including ours—has to deal with both people and drugs. As luck would have it, cannabis legalization is crushing the marijuana smuggling business. Seizures of marijuana by Border

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