A Tax Cut Worthy of a Worker’s GOP

Republican Congressional leaders are talking about voting on a second tax cut bill later this year. The tax cuts passed last year were made permanent for corporations but will expire in 2025 for individuals. The leaders’ proposal would make the personal income tax changes permanent, too. This is much too timid. Americans worry

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The Myth of American Racism

Two dozen skinheads turn out for a rally in rural Georgia, and the New York Times suddenly takes an interest in what goes on in the Bible Belt—if only to spite its denizens. Jacey Fortin writes: A neo-Nazi rally outside of Atlanta on Saturday drew only a few participants and did not last

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DACA Delay Exposes Hypocritical Republican Congress

Donald Trump as a candidate vowed, “We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties.” In particular, he promised to roll back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which gave legal status to illegal immigrants whose parents brought them to the United States as children. In March, the president made

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Should the Supreme Court Run U.S. Immigration Policy?

In Wednesday’s oral arguments in Trump v. Hawaii, the case involving the third version of President Trump’s “travel ban” on immigrants from certain countries, the Supreme Court tried to pin down a great deal of evasiveness about a simply worded statute, and, in the end, fundamental questions about judicial supremacy. On September 27,

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Don’t Be Misled by the Media, Cuba Isn’t Changing

After the nominal change in Cuba’s leadership, the New York Times managed to come out with the most New York Times headline ever: “More Black Officials in Power in Cuba as Leadership Changes.” The Los Angeles Times demanded that as Castro era “ends” in Cuba, so should the U.S. embargo. NPR followed hopefully, and

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Has Gorsuch ‘Gone Wobbly’ Already?

A Supreme Court decision on immigration that was not expected to be controversial instead attracted wide attention upon its release last week. The reason: Justice Neil Gorsuch, the much-heralded successor to the legendary Antonin Scalia, joined with the High Court’s four liberals to overturn an immigration statute on the grounds that it was “void

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Justice Thomas Asks: Do Aliens Enjoy Constitutional Protections?

The controversy last week over Justice Neil Gorsuch joining a liberal majority in declaring unconstitutional an immigration statute supported by the Trump Administration  overshadowed Justice Clarence Thomas’s provocative dissent in the case. “Until today],” wrote Thomas, “this Court has never held that an immigration statute is unconstitutionally vague.” In fact, Gorsuch and Thomas

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What America Can Learn from Japan’s Immigration System

While the guilt-ridden West takes in refugees from all over the Third World and is wrestling with problems of assimilation, internal conflict, and hardened cultural enclaves, Japan continues to defy pressures from the international community to open its doors to mass immigration. Granted, in the last decade, Japan has seen an uptick in

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The Cost of Doing Nothing About Venezuela

The War Party in Washington, D.C. is demanding yet another American-led “humanitarian” military intervention, this time in Syria. Yet, for all of their virtue signaling against the evil of Bashar Assad (and he’s certainly not a good guy), there is a shocking degree of silence about the collapsing totalitarian, rogue regime to our south,

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