Wake up, Republicans, the Dark Is Rising

It has become increasingly clear that Biden will not be the Democrat nominee for president. The Republican Party needs to adjust its strategy now to prepare for a race against a different candidate.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Washington Post columnist Ms. Jennifer Rubin‘s recent report on the Trump trial turns out to have been just a paean to women—specifically, Stormy Daniels and Hope Hicks.

A Harvard Ghost Story

Claudine Gay may be gone from the presidency, but her ghost still roams the halls of America’s once most prestigious college.

Donald Trump and Student Loans

People who didn’t go to college could feel rightly aggrieved at the windfall the college debtors receive, but they—and indeed the whole country—could benefit from ending the college support scam.

The Scorpion, the Frog—and Biden

Adam Smith said there’s a lot of ruin in a country. If Biden and his fellow scorpions raise corporate taxes, this country may discover how much ruin there is, and we all may go the way of the frog.

The 25th Amendment RIP

Biden’s incompetence is precisely what the 25th Amendment was meant to address. The problem is that the Biden courtiers' power and influence depend on keeping Biden where he is.

Civil War 101

For Lincoln, the restoration and preservation of the Union was the chief goal of the war. All other objectives were subordinated to that one.