Masks, Vaccines, and Government Lies

The cover-up of information, and the dissembling we’ve seen over the past year on vaccines and masks is serious, not only for health reasons but also for reasons of public trust in institutions.

Conservative Vibes for Our Time 

If we are going to find a conservatism that works for today, it is necessary for conservatives, in the words of William F. Buckley, “to get inside the vibrations of modern life.” 

Biden Powercrats vs. America

Democrats are bad enough. But there’s more to bemoan: The number of Republican office holders in Washington willing to fight is abysmally small. 

Forget Waldo. Where’s Colin Powell?

On “antiracism” and “equity” Powell may have no obligation—or may have had no obligation—to wade into all these issues. But he has waded into them by opposing Trump and supporting Biden.

Saving Senator Whitehouse

The senator from Rhode Island should be chastised for belonging to the party of racism; not for belonging to a couple of elite, expensive, social clubs. 

Summer Games for the Resistance

What would the Resistance and the NeverTrumpers do without white supremacists and neo-nazis? Well, a lot, actually: and that’s what they’ve been doing ever since […]

Dana Milbank’s Fear of Flying

How lucky can Donald Trump get? He now has another chance to tick off the liberal progressives, and particularly, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who’s […]