Understanding the California Mind

Nancy Pelosi gave a marathon speech on illegal immigration the other day. But how would she know much about the realities of open borders, given her palatial retreat in Northern California and multi-millionaire lifestyle that allows wealthy progressives like herself to be exempt from the consequences of her own hectoring? In the end,

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The Great Homeschooling Freakout

Home schooling is one of the few activities left in the Golden State that isn’t heavily regulated. Around 200,000 kids are schooled at home in California. Families need only file an annual affidavit with the state Department of Education and register as a private school. Well, that’s way too easy for some people.

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Rethinking the Geography of Power

Where the seats of power are located matters. Given the populist revolt in the United States and Europe against the so-called "global elite," it is time to refigure the geography of governmental and transnational power. Take the United Nations. Much of the international body's perceived negatives derive from being in the world's richest

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De Blasio’s Hot Wind Blows Hard

More than five years after New York City was pummeled by Superstorm Sandy, killing dozens of people and causing billions of dollars in damages, Mayor Bill de Blasio is demanding retribution. In an overly dramatic press event on Wednesday (undoubtedly arriving courtesy of his fossil fuel-powered motorcade), de Blasio announced the city will

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To Fix Washington, D.C., We Must First Destroy It

Conservatives have long complained about the size and scope of the federal government, especially since its prolonged, self-aggrandizing phase began in earnest after World War II. They’ve offered countless legal solutions to reduce the feds’ intrusions into both the affairs of the states and into our individual lives—almost none of which has resulted

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On the Road Again: Fixing America’s Infrastructure

There is no road ahead for America without the roadways of America: the literal highways that form our Interstate Highway System. Those highways are the great achievement of President Eisenhower and a chance for our current president to achieve greatness in his own right. Repairing those highways would be a stroke of genius

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Perchance to DREAM: What Immigrants May Come—and Stay

Somewhere between the Hyde Park section of Chicago (in a subterranean vault fit to withstand a nuclear blast) and a moving truck stranded on Highway 240 outside Badlands National Park—somewhere between there and here are the two most important exhibits of the (to-be-constructed) Barack Obama Presidential Center: his phone and his pen. The

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