Cuba Libre

The greatest story ever told—about the greatest story ever told—is not “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” as the New Testament has nothing to do with […]

A Lilliputian Revolt

Images abound of American servicemen celebrating Christmas. From shirtless soldiers in the South Pacific, whose first summer is a December day below the equator, to […]

Home for the Holidays

They come home more indoctrinated than informed, more addicted than adjusted, more estranged than educated. They come home the way they left it: able to […]

The Puritanical President

When Thucydides writes his History of the Cola Wars, when he finishes his account of the Eastern Front in which a billion reds, alongside an […]

Tom Friedman’s Garage Sale

I have seen the future, and it is a chain-smoking chimpanzee typist: a chest-beating, keyboard-banging columnist for The New York Times who does on paper […]

Remembering Ricky Jay

He was two names in one. Not Rick, Richard, or Ricardo. Neither Ricky nor Jay, but Ricky Jay. Rick—ee. J—ay. Ricky Jay. He was fluent […]

‘House of Cards’ Collapses

The wooden, zebra-striped arm—the mechanical limb attached to a squat torso—where cars stop and drivers lower their windows and strain to accept a paper wafer […]

November 22, 1963

It was not the last word he said, but it was the final word he may have heard. It began in the morning and ended […]

A Tribute to Stan Lee

Picture the scene transition—the spin, the blur, and the fade-away—as we segue from footage of the Hitler Youth to a fleet of newspaper delivery trucks […]