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Ashley Hamilton is an artist and father, who lives in Malibu and seeks to express the truth through his work.

Ted Cruz Gets Zucked

Ted Cruz: Why am I here?  Mark Zuckerberg: Senator, your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of Facebook. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a

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The Emperor’s New Hoodie

Mark Zuckerberg dangled more than he bedazzled, with his posterior atop a seat cushion while his ass was not on the line; while he traded his hoodie for a suit and tie, as if it were class picture day at a pop-up version of Sears on Capitol Hill; while he neither blinked nor belied his

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And the Oscar Goes To . . .

The best acceptance speeches are the most gracious ones. I will be grateful if those are the only speeches actors and directors deliver at the 90th Annual Academy Awards. I will be grateful if, instead of having to listen to my colleagues use the lectern to lecture my fellow Americans; instead of having

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Back to School: Student Loan Debt and Crony Capitalism

Whenever I drive past UCLA, with its Romanesque buildings and banners of blue and gold; whenever I see the steps and street lamps that line the campus; whenever I follow the red-orange road that criss-crosses the grounds; I ask myself: How do they do it? How do college students control their workload––and not lose

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‘The Shape of Water’: So Many Beautiful Drops to Drink

Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-nominated director of The Shape of Water, should get an Oscar for the entertainment value alone. Even better, let him host this year’s Academy Awards and allow him to remake the show by recreating the nature of the award itself. He would transform that golden statuette into a

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On the Road Again: Fixing America’s Infrastructure

There is no road ahead for America without the roadways of America: the literal highways that form our Interstate Highway System. Those highways are the great achievement of President Eisenhower and a chance for our current president to achieve greatness in his own right. Repairing those highways would be a stroke of genius

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