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About Ashley Hamilton

Ashley Hamilton is an artist and father, who lives in Malibu and seeks to express the truth through his work.

Remembering Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul sang before the King of soul force. She lifted every voice by raising her own not in hatred but in love, not in the misery of segregation but in the majesty of integration, not in a nightmare of sorrow but in her resolve to end a long night of suffering. She

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Frankly, I Do Give a Damn: Thomas Frank’s Essays About America

If America has a rendezvous with doom rather than destiny, if our end lies not in physical destruction but in moral decline and material decadence, we need only look at the false history we continue to manufacture. From the McMansions that litter the land to our neglect of the land itself, in which

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Warren for President

I relapsed yesterday, or so I thought, while reading David Leonhardt’s column in the New York Times. So great was my initial reaction of triumph, and so sad was my subsequent sense of tragedy, that I began to cry. From the pinnacle of happiness to the precipice of despair, never has a piece of writing

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Wall Street to Facebook: Zuck You!

The engineers changed their plans. The computer scientists changed their algorithms. The marketers changed their sales. And yet, the baggage tugs still came. The cleanup crew parked their electric vehicles and collected the broken parts: an arm here, a leg there, red and blue wires everywhere. At the end of this subterranean laboratory, beneath rows

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House Dress Hillary

What do you call—rather, whom should you call when a 70-year-old woman in a house dress and slippers storms the stage at a conference in Central Park, a Woodstock for the wealthy, in which this gate-crasher, with her bedraggled hair and belligerent attitude, seizes a wireless microphone and proceeds to rant against Russia; while security

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Mad Men and That Woman

If we have so little patience for advertising, why do we obsess over political advertising? Why do we claim to be immune from the ministrations of marketers, whose measure of success is not so much an increase in sales but increased awareness of the products they seek to sell, while we invest anything partisan with

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