Ashley Hamilton

About Ashley Hamilton

Ashley Hamilton is an artist and father, who lives in Malibu and seeks to express the truth through his work.

It Takes a Man—and a Woman

From the dust comes the life, a breath from God that allows man to breathe. From man comes the rib of womanhood. Thus begins a story known by all, whose ending is known only by God. In between is the stuff of life, from the first patriarch to the last father and son. In between

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Less Froth, More Foam: A Test for California

A political maxim for California: Less rhetorical froth and more recyclable foam. That is, instead of trying to protect the environment by creating a toxic economic environment, instead of barren storefronts and bankrupt towns and cities, we can secure our natural resources without sacrificing our natural rights. I refer, specifically, to the attempt to ban

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Raging Bulls––t

The problem with method acting is not staying in character but maintaining your own. The challenge is to channel a personality—to assume multiple personalities over the course of a career—without developing multiple personality disorder. Avoiding that scenario by not losing yourself in a scene, so you will not become a permanent part of the scenery,

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War Without Victory

Beware of politicians bearing arrows instead of olive branches, whose bellicose words further belligerent ends; whose only end is not an end to war but an endless war against an invincible foe; whose will to fight will never atrophy even in the costliest—and deadliest—war of attrition, despite years of toil and rivers of turmoil drawn

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Dreaming of Things That Never Were

It was a Pyrrhic victory. It was a battlefield win in a political war that was lost. It was an uncontested primary, not a real contest between two candidates for their party’s presidential nomination. It was a triumph of favoritism on behalf of a charismatic opponent, while the other man—a native of the Golden State—spent

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