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Bill Kilgore is the pseudonym of a writer serving in the United States military.

Trump, Scientism, and Puerto Rico

With Hurricane Florence churning over the Carolinas, the media seems to be licking its lips in anticipation of President Trump’s “Katrina moment.” Trump isn’t playing along, however, so instead of retreating he recently bragged about his administration’s record to date when it comes to natural disasters, including Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last

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Marxism in the Mainstream

Don’t miss the significance of the Sarah Jeong affair. In this story freedom of speech, double standards, and the question of whether someone should be fired are all secondary distractions from what should be most alarming about it. The most important thing to note is that Marxism is now in the mainstream. Jeong

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Trumping the Black Vote

TRUMP TOWER, NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES - 2016/10/29: Over a hundred supporters of Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump rallied on the sidewalk in front of Trump Tower on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. The rally placed special emphasis on support for Mr. Trump from minority communities and from women. (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific

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Do Fake News and Corruption Change How We Think?

The release this week of the redacted Carter Page FISA warrant has generated metric tons of fake news and confirmed just how corrupt our institutions are. To which a Trump supporter might respond: “What’s new?” But I wonder if this week’s developments might break the recalcitrant pride of certain NeverTrumpers, or provoke second

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Trump, Russia, and Manufactured Hysteria

It’s been a week filled with manufactured hysteria. After his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, President Trump was accused of denying American exceptionalism, implying moral equivalency, and insulting the U.S. intelligence community. Insofar as he did some of these things, doing so was predictable and prudent. But those things are

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Trumping Experts and Russia

Watching the political class melt down on Twitter and in the media in the wake of President Trump’s Monday press conference with Vladimir Putin, I could not help but notice the stark difference between the blue-checked elite and normal people. Nearly every “influencer” seemed hysterical. But regular people, in person and on Twitter,

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Trumping the Rule of Law

The outrage over the “crisis at the border” raises a question about the principles of NeverTrump conservatives. They whine about President Trump undermining or attacking legal norms and institutions practically on a daily basis. Now they want him to change the law unilaterally or ignore it outright. On the surface, these “principled conservatives” have

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