Articles by Rachel Bovard

When Corporate Gatekeepers Become International ‘Suprastates’

ig Tech giants often portray themselves as having redefined the free speech landscape in America, amplifying voices and views that otherwise would have no platform. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said a year ago, “people no longer have to rely on traditional gatekeepers in politics or media to make their voices heard.” But […]

Central Planning for America’s Suburbs

he Trump Administration recently terminated an Obama-era housing rule that sought to expand federal control over the makeup of America’s suburbs. Trump’s actions—and those of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson—have prompted a debate on the Right between those who think the federal government should exercise more control over suburban planning and development, and […]

Will Trumpism Endure in the GOP?

he Republican National Convention took to the virtual stage this week to accomplish what no one thought they could do: make a positive case for Donald Trump’s reelection to a beleaguered base. But accomplish it they did, largely because of an intentional choice in format and speakers that emphasized Trump’s working-class voters over the razzle-dazzle […]

Swampy AARP

he American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) was founded to represent the interests of close to 40 million seniors. Over time, the group has become one of the most powerful lobbying interests in the country. And you’ve got to hand it to them—for an organization that bills itself as an advocacy group for the elderly, […]

Big Tech Faces Scrutiny on the Hill

ig Tech was in the spotlight this week as the CEOs of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon were grilled by lawmakers on the House subcommittee on antitrust for over five hours. The goal of the hearing was oversight—for Congress to use its investigatory powers to examine whether the question of whether these companies have violated […]

The GOP Senate Is Asleep at the Wheel

t hasn’t escaped the notice of most Americans that, to put it mildly, things in the country are not going well. But one group of people hasn’t seemed to pick up on it, yet: Congress. To be more precise, the Republican-led Senate. As American cities burn, police departments across the country come under assault, the […]

If You Build It, We Will Trash It

witter’s decision to ban the viral Trump meme creator Carpe Donktum from its platform last week precipitated an unexpected development in the normally stagnant, crippled marketplace of Big Tech: a departure. Thousands of users, sick of Twitter regulating content to suit its political bias, started setting up accounts on a social media platform called Parler. The platform […]

Lazy Republican Senate Drops the Ball on Nominations

n an afternoon in early April last year, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) went to the floor of the Senate. In uncharacteristically emotive tones, McConnell, flushed with rage, jabbed his finger in the direction of the Democratic side of the chamber. “He started this whole thing,” he said, referencing Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). “We’re […]

Americans Deserve Open Debate About Big Tech and Free Speech

resident Trump on Thursday signed an executive order regarding Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the provision of the law that shields tech companies from liability for censoring content on their platforms. This comes on the heels of Twitter deciding it would “fact-check” one of the president’s tweets about voting by mail. Chinese propaganda […]

WHO Are You? A Pattern of Deceit at the World Health Organization

gresident Trump has announced the United States will pause funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) to review the organization’s role in handling the COVID-19 outbreak. He’s right to do so. Here’s why. The World Health Organization exists, at least on paper, to address global health challenges precisely like the one we are currently facing. […]

Big Tech’s Toadying to Chinese Communists Demands Action

s the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, China has become infamous for its role in allowing the virus to spread. From misleading the World Health Organization about the virus’s contagious elements, restricting the access of global investigators to infected sites, and lying about their infection numbers, China single-handedly stole months of preparation from other […]