Articles by Rachel Bovard

If You Build It, We Will Trash It

witter’s decision to ban the viral Trump meme creator Carpe Donktum from its platform last week precipitated an unexpected development in the normally stagnant, crippled marketplace of Big Tech: a departure. Thousands of users, sick of Twitter regulating content to suit its political bias, started setting up accounts on a social media platform called Parler. The platform […]

Do-Nothing GOP Senate Passes Football to the Court, Fumbles Again

he Supreme Court handed conservatives two gut punches this week, seriously undermining both the rule of law and the foundational American principle of religious liberty. The court also effectively upended the notion that judges, as a political strategy, are the answer to conservative policy concerns. On Monday, the court handed down a decision in Bostock […]

Congress Should Reform, Not Bail Out, the Postal Service

he rushed $2 trillion COVID-19 “stimulus” bill was infamous, not just for its size, but for its unrelated pork. In a bill aimed at addressing the COVID-19 public health crisis—one supposed to be characterized by hospitals short of resources, ventilators, and masks in short supply, as well as families struggling to make ends meet—the Kennedy […]

Americans Deserve Open Debate About Big Tech and Free Speech

resident Trump on Thursday signed an executive order regarding Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the provision of the law that shields tech companies from liability for censoring content on their platforms. This comes on the heels of Twitter deciding it would “fact-check” one of the president’s tweets about voting by mail. Chinese propaganda […]

Big Tech, Privacy, and Power

he ground is shifting quickly beneath our feet when it comes to tech, privacy, and power. And, although tech companies, their advocates, and even some policymakers, would like us to imagine these issues are cut and dried, they are not. In their book The Sovereign Individual, published on the eve of the year 2000, James […]

WHO Are You? A Pattern of Deceit at the World Health Organization

gresident Trump has announced the United States will pause funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) to review the organization’s role in handling the COVID-19 outbreak. He’s right to do so. Here’s why. The World Health Organization exists, at least on paper, to address global health challenges precisely like the one we are currently facing. […]

Big Tech’s Toadying to Chinese Communists Demands Action

s the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, China has become infamous for its role in allowing the virus to spread. From misleading the World Health Organization about the virus’s contagious elements, restricting the access of global investigators to infected sites, and lying about their infection numbers, China single-handedly stole months of preparation from other […]

Layoffs Anyway?!

he ink is barely dry on the $2.2 trillion congressional relief package and companies who received funding in the bill—which is designed to help keep people employed—have begun announcing layoffs, anyway. On March 27, United Airlines announced that, despite taking some of the $58 billion in funding earmarked for the airlines, they’d be laying off […]

The Congressional Debacle Passing as ‘Relief’

he U.S. House of Representatives on Friday morning is scheduled to vote on the $2.2 trillion bill that represents, to date, Congress’s largest effort to remedy the devastating economic impacts of the coronavirus epidemic. The bill is expected to pass. The story of how we ended up with the current $2 trillion package reflects not […]

Coronavirus Unmasks America

he Chinese coronavirus crisis has unmasked much about America in just a few short weeks: the vulnerabilities in our critical supply chains, the burdensome and bureaucratic regulatory regime that stifles our public health response, the selfishness of Millennials and Gen-Zers who think social distancing is an Instagram meme, and the latent corporatism in both of […]

Capitalism, Corporatism, and the Free Market

he intra-party debate over economics is off and running on the Right. There is a strong temptation, however, to distill the argument into a binary framing between capitalism and some form of “anti-capitalism,” socialism, or statism. Such framing obscures the central issue. No one on the Right rejects the free market. Or capitalism. In fact, […]