Biden’s Immigration Agenda

Our immigration policy should prioritize the dogged preservation of America’s free-thinking, free-praying, free-speaking, and free-opportunity traditions as the greatest global ideal.

Will Trumpism Endure in the GOP?

Will Republicans have a party that regresses back to the altar of soulless neoliberalism or will they endeavor to think deeply and be humble enough to chart a nobler course?

Swampy AARP

Like so many other organizations that began in the service of a reasonable—even noble!—cause, AARP has become merely an excuse to rake in the cash for a handful of executives.

Big Tech Faces Scrutiny on the Hill

The fight over Big Tech is an existential question about the power of megacorporations to commoditize and control every feature of our being—and the larger questions that poses about the nature of liberty.

If You Build It, We Will Trash It

It’s a bit rich for the “free enterprise” crowd’s first response to a surge toward a Twitter alternative to be so publicly negative, nasty, dismissive, and crude.

The Shame of Proxy Voting in the House of Representatives

The House of 1814—like the House of the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793, the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Civil War, and 9/11—continued to meet in person, conducting the business of those who elected them. In the shadow of their memory, the House of 2020 finds itself diminished.