Articles by Rachel Bovard

Layoffs Anyway?!

he ink is barely dry on the $2.2 trillion congressional relief package and companies who received funding in the bill—which is designed to help keep people employed—have begun announcing layoffs, anyway. On March 27, United Airlines announced that, despite taking some of the $58 billion in funding earmarked for the airlines, they’d be laying off […]

Coronavirus Unmasks America

he Chinese coronavirus crisis has unmasked much about America in just a few short weeks: the vulnerabilities in our critical supply chains, the burdensome and bureaucratic regulatory regime that stifles our public health response, the selfishness of Millennials and Gen-Zers who think social distancing is an Instagram meme, and the latent corporatism in both of […]

Capitalism, Corporatism, and the Free Market

he intra-party debate over economics is off and running on the Right. There is a strong temptation, however, to distill the argument into a binary framing between capitalism and some form of “anti-capitalism,” socialism, or statism. Such framing obscures the central issue. No one on the Right rejects the free market. Or capitalism. In fact, […]

AARP’s Corrupt Business Model Puts Seniors Last

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) remains one of the most powerful lobbying arms in the country, claiming to represent the interests of close to 40 million seniors. But it’s worth asking—whose interests are they really protecting, yours or theirs? Though politicians are loath to lob public criticism at the group, ample evidence suggests […]

Senators Are Not Jurors

After calling for impeachment since January 2017, House Democrats formally (and unsurprisingly) voted to impeach President Trump on Wednesday evening, thrilling many of the less informed Wokes and filling them with hope that Trump finally would be removed from office. But, sadly for them, it doesn’t work that way. Instead of removing him from office, […]

Ominous and Invasive Surveillance Powers Exposed in Horowitz Report

The highly anticipated Justice Department inspector general’s report on the origins of the 2016 Russian collusion probe dropped this week, and in it we learned just what a farce the FISA process has become. Moreover, we learned just how frightening that should be for all of us. FISA refers to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, […]

Our Elites Have Learned Nothing

Donald Trump’s presidency has done a lot of things, but perhaps one of its most striking effects has been unmasking the contempt with which the elites view the rest of us. By “elites,” I mean the group of people who, for decades, have rested comfortably in their Hollywood mansions, New York brownstones, and D.C. rowhouses, […]

The Genius of Trump’s Terrorist Designation for Mexican Cartels

President Trump last week signaled his intention to designate the Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations (FTO). In doing so, he takes the most aggressive step yet toward addressing the brutal violence that plagues Mexico and is fueling a migrant crisis at the southern U.S. border. Mexico’s ongoing descent into a gangland is brought […]

Congress Capitulates (Again) on the Budget

The government barely avoided shutting down on Thursday, which is something you may not have noticed since impeachment has been sucking all the oxygen out of the room (and the news cycle) for the past five weeks. But late last week, Congress roused itself from legislative apathy to pass yet another short-term extension of spending, […]

A DACA Ruling Won’t Solve the DACA Dilemma

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday heard highly anticipated arguments in the lawsuit challenging President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. President Barack Obama created the program by executive action in 2012, after Congress refused to pass the Dream Act, which would have given legal status and a path […]