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Christopher Gage is a British political journalist.

Populist Losers Keep Winning

Perhaps the populist wave breaking across Europe had calmed into a dampened squib by the time it reached liberal Sweden last week, but the ripples have already made it onto dry land. After a tumultuous election uncharacteristic of Swedish kumbaya and its usual progressive Olympics, the populist Sweden Democrats landed with 18 percent

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Immigration Moves Europeans Right

Angela Merkel’s dastardly decision to throw open Germany’s borders to more than 1 million mainly Syrian migrants in 2015 didn’t quite go as planned. The German Chancellor’s grandiloquent gesture meant to exorcise German history once and for all instead cleaved through the middle of a once-reliably measured and “open” nation. Even in Germany,

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Sweden Takes a Chance on New Populist Wave

American progressives are often beside themselves when extolling the apparent and deceptive wonders of the Scandinavian model. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) doesn’t stop yapping about Denmark. Indeed, whenever “democratic socialists” are asked to enumerate a country in which their creed has actually worked and not ended in the repression and slaughter of countless

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Boris and the Burka Berserker

Chimpanzees are something like political animals. Much of their lives revolve around manipulating those around them. They hide their feelings. They hold grudges. They have an inherent sense of fair play—they brutally punish the selfish. In his book Selfie: How the West Became Self Obsessed, journalist Will Storr doesn't take long to transfuse

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Bannon Builds a Bomb

Liberals keen to wake up from what they regard as a prelapsarian nightmare in which fascists have stormed the White House, and “The Handmaid’s Tale” is some kind of documentary, might want to invest more time in their painful misreading of dystopian fictions. What therapists call dissociative behavior, liberals aghast at the warp and

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#Walkaway from the Real Fascists

Brandon Straka walked away from the Democratic party after tiring of its surge into what he calls a “fascistic” bent. A lifelong liberal, and gay, the raffish New Yorker hardly fits the typecast of a frothing alt-right blowhard marinating in confected grievance. But in today’s Democratic Party, renouncing one’s faith is tantamount to

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Mayday for Brexit

President Trump managed to ruffle a few feathers during his visit to Great Britain this week before Air Force One even stroked the runway. Then, when he arrived, he nuked the entire country. The disruptor-in-chief, sugar-blooded from shaking a few defense pennies from spendthrift NATO allies, brawled into Prime Minister Theresa May’s headspace,

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Abolishing the Democrats

It’s almost as if the Democrats cultured their newest and shiniest pet in a petri dish. Person of color? Check. Not male, pale, or stale? You bet. Millennial? Goody. Tenuous link to the struggles of people Democrats used to care about? Gotcha.   Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is the “future” of the party, at least

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