No Refunds

Progressive Democrats might have deposed President Trump, but in return will get little more than the muscular meddling of American adventurism in the Middle East, and domestic stalemate.

(Some of) The Polls Were Right

Despite four years of mainstream media gaslighting, President Trump hit more of the popular vote—around seven points—than virtually any mainstream pollster envisaged. Others were not surprised.

Black Americans for Trump

If around 30 percent of black Americans vote for President Trump, black America will not only rewrite the next political chapter but rewrite the entire political book.

Biden Is Sinking

The Democratic nominee’s supporters sense it but won’t say it. Why would reality feel different from polls with a wobbly record of recording reality?

Revoking the Rust Belt

A ban on fracking would kill 6 million jobs across seven states by 2025—600,000 Pennsylvanians would join the welfare rolls, and the blue-collar renaissance would disappear with them.

Shirking Class Joe

If the Democratic nominee’s long political career is anything to go by, his presidency will end the brief ceasefire of the elite’s 30-year civil war on the American middle class.