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Christopher Gage is a British political journalist.

Brexit Bloody Hell

I’ve never frequented a vegan restaurant. Never would. So I can only imagine that they don’t serve ribeye steak. I suppose, if one is adventurous, you could take a seat. Tell the waiter you’d like a ribeye steak. Doubtless, the waiter would politely explain why that particular restaurant doesn’t serve meat. “But, I

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Down With the People

Short of taking up black tar heroin, I’ve decided that the best way to cope with this farcical Brexit saga is to imbibe regular doses of sardonic humor. Perhaps that might douse it into a vaguely acceptable hum. A French lawmaker agrees with my prescription. "I've ended up calling my cat Brexit," a

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From Brexit to Trump, Elite Contempt Shines Through

Not long ago, to support Great Britain’s departure from the European Union remained the hoppy heady preserve of the corduroyed English fruitcake. Only the niche, and utterly mental clung to such opinions. Those trifling oddities, blimpish and better suited to reliving colonial exploits in faraway lands, were not of polite society. To be

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A Radical Majority

A man many accuse of arrogant loftiness, of being completely severed from those he lords over, issued an open letter this week addressed to the “Citizens of Europe,” as if the current year happened to be 1452. Emmanuel Macron, default French president and paramour of the Financial Times, is currently battling months-long rolling

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Globalist Ambition Tour

Anyone remotely familiar with British politics won’t be surprised to learn that Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader, isn’t particularly well-furnished between his ears. A new book, Dangerous Hero, sadly aping something more fitting for a Steven Seagal title, confirms everything one already knew about dear Jeremy. It also confirms the sad state of

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Of Brexit and Boobs

Thickly daubed upon her milk-white breasts was a poignant message. Across the sternum: “Brexit.” Above the right breast: “Leaves.” Above the left: “Britain.” Under both pendulous offerings: “Naked.” This wasn’t an exhibit at the Tate Modern. But live TV. The owner of the breasts, Dr. Victoria Bateman, an economics fellow at Cambridge University,

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It’ll Work This Time

A favorite Saturday activity of mine involves chatting with a merry band of socialists who clot on a main street near me. Dreadlocked, dreary, and decked in alarming red, they implore every passersby somehow to stop U.S. “imperialism” in Venezuela. From outside Starbucks a mere 4,738 miles away. Most of us drenched in

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