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Christopher Gage is a British political journalist.

It’s the Immigration, Stupid

Perhaps it is a lot to ask, but Democrats could learn a great deal from the recent Danish elections. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), and the rest, have spent decades imploring anyone befitted with an ear canal to take heed and learn something from the Scandinavian countries that so besotted them. In what certainly

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Who Are the Big Babies Now?

What better way to demonstrate one’s tolerance and open-mindedness than daubing a placard with a twee proclamation, then dousing a “fascist” with a milkshake for sharing a different opinion? To attack verbally and physically, those who dare to deviate from the herd is to be a progressive. Even better: to mark one as

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‘Remain’ Wins! ‘Leave’ Loses! And Other Upside-Down Tales

You would be forgiven for thinking that handily winning the vote share over your rivals meant you had won an election. But in the Current Year, such logic is a bunk currency—the winning ticket of the Zimbabwe National Lottery. As predicted, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party pillaged last weekend’s European Parliament elections. Just six

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What Part of ‘Leave’ Don’t They Understand?

To prove one’s progressive credentials, one could do worse than to purchase a milkshake from an ostensibly detested fast-food corporation, douse a politician deemed a threat to the cause, and applaud oneself via the gleeful approval of Burger King. This week, British progressives have underlined their helpless vacuity by doing just that. Paul

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Progressives Eating Their Own

To be genuinely offended becomes more difficult in an age when every daily flutter of news presents a new outrage. Social media vibrates with a fresh grievance, each time inuring one to the last. It happens every day. The self-appointed victim grazes upon something innocuous, and debones its substance. They then cast the

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How to Talk to Capitalists About Millennials

Being a Millennial is a gorgeous morphine joy. We explore ourselves through vivifying and unpaid internships, usually beached in unapologetically expensive cities like London, New York, and San Francisco. If we do get paid, half of our salary goes on renting some substandard box room in the “vibrant” or “up-and-coming” quarters of playgrounds

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What About Me?

I thought it was wacky, but it also made a lot of sense,” said the British newlywed, after saying, “I do.” To herself. Yes. Melissa Denton took her own hand in marriage. It was “empowering.” Possibly stunning and brave. Guests in the hundreds flocked to enjoy the occasion. There, they devoured a vegan

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Excuse Us While We Save The World

When keen to persuade others of your moral sanctity, gluing oneself to a train possesses a deeper gravitas than signing a petition. And telling people you’ve signed that petition.Climate-change protesters (or cloud-yellers) have this week collapsed London, folding the capital into a grand theater of their own self-adulation. The audience is captive, quite literally.Fear

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