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Ben Boychuk is managing editor of American Greatness. He is a regular columnist for the Sacramento Bee, a former weekly syndicated columnist with Tribune Media, and a veteran of several publications, including Investor's Business Daily and the Claremont Review of Books. He lives in California.

This Is Why All Americans Should Support President Trump on Immigration

Donald Trump was serious when he campaigned on stricter enforcement of immigration laws. With “zero-tolerance” for illegal border crossers, a travel moratorium from certain countries and stricter limits on the number of legal immigrants, the president has kept his promise (short of building the wall) to reduce the number of newcomers to the

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State of Resistance: San Francisco, ‘City of Bans’

My friend and former colleague Steve Greenhut has a pungent column at the American Spectator about the California city we all love to hate, San Francisco. I noted last week how city officials are dealing with a major homelessness crisis by focusing on banning employee cafeterias and plastic drinking straws—you know, the really important stuff.

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Politico Writer: NeverTrump Should Go Full Borg

Or words to that effect. Here is what Bill Scher, in fact, writes near the end of a lengthy appeal at Politico for sad NeverTrump "conservatives" to give up their dreams of "fixing" the Trump-led Republican Party or starting a third party and just join the Democrats already: To the average conservative Trump-skeptic, the Democratic

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State of Resistance: San Francisco, Beset with Homeless and Covered in Human Excrement, Moves to Ban Plastic Straws

Priorities! The Associated Press reports: San Francisco supervisors voted Tuesday to give plastic straws the cold shoulder, following the lead of Seattle, another eco-conscious West Coast city where a ban went into effect this month. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors gave unanimous approval to a measure that also takes the novel step of banning carryout

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Justice Department: The Term Is ‘Illegal,’ Not ‘Undocumented’

CNN reports that the Justice Department is dispensing with an obnoxious euphemism: The Justice Department has instructed US attorneys offices not to use the term "undocumented" immigrants and instead refer to someone illegally in the US as "an illegal alien," according to a copy of an agency-wide email obtained by CNN. According to the email,

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The Dems ‘Had Made Ball-Gagged Submissives of Us All’

Sometimes it’s useful to remember that while “the Left” can be useful shorthand to describe our political opposition, the Left isn’t an undifferentiated monolith. If you’re on the Right, you know we have our factions and schools of thought and internal disagreements. Well, if it’s true for us, why wouldn’t it be true also of

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End Birthright Citizenship

Michael Anton argues in the Washington Post today that "birthright citizenship"—the idea, which the U.S. Supreme Court appeared to affirm in 1898, that simply being born on U.S. soil automatically confers U.S. citizenship—should be ended. Anton calls the notion "an absurdity—historically, constitutionally, philosophically and practically," and built on a deliberate misreading of the 14th Amendment.

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What Roger Scruton Doesn’t Get About Trump

In case you missed it, the great British philosopher Roger Scruton published a commentary in the New York Times on July 4 headlined, "What Trump Doesn't Get About Conservatism." And I do mean great. Read Scruton on modern philosophy, religion, art, music, even wine. He's brilliant. But on contemporary American politics, I'm afraid he falls

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