Our Incredible Media

The media asks, “Are we out of touch?” And the media answers: “No, it’s the audience that is wrong.”

We’re All Fascists Now, Apparently

Fascism for facile journalists and the knee-jerk Left is like Justice Potter Stewart’s famous test for obscenity: They know it when they see it. And they see it everywhere.

No Duty to Protect

After what happened in Uvalde, why on earth would anyone give up their weapons and trust to police to do anything?

Beat the Censors

The perfectly named Disinformation Governance Board is “on pause,” and Nina Jankowicz is out of a government job. But the entire noxious idea endures. 

Cancel Yale Law School

We need a total and complete shutdown of admissions to the nation’s top Ivy League law school until we can figure out what is going on.

Our Indispensable Man

Angelo Codevilla, who died Monday at the age of 78, was a singular intellect who leaves behind a rich body of work. Let’s not waste it.

Desperately Seeking Sedition

Despite the hype in the hours, days, and weeks after the Capitol melee, not a single January 6 defendant has been charged with sedition. Turns out, there is #Sedition and then there’s the real thing.

A Congressman’s Truth Problem

West Virginia Republican Alex Mooney also has a big-time ethics problem. Self-serving appeals to his “conservative” bona fides aren’t good enough. 

Goodbye, COVID Year, Goodbye

Nearly 8,000 mostly unmasked people gathered at an outdoor venue in Southern California last weekend for live music. The relief was palpable. But will it last?

California’s COVID Recall

Governor Gavin Newsom may be in greater danger than Democrats think. He has only himself—and his hypocritical mask and lockdown policies—to blame.