The Shutdown Victory

Under normal circumstances, shutting down the government is not a good idea. It presumes of course that the government is doing good things. But what if the opposite is true? What if the government is doing things that undermine the stability and security of the nation and its people? In this latest drama,

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Making Politics Possible Again

There is a remarkable assumption behind the argument that the best—maybe the only—reason to have voted for Donald J. Trump was that he “was better than Hillary Clinton.” Supposedly this somehow distinguishes, and taints, the Election of 2016. It does not. That one candidate is likely to do better in office than the

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Judicial Supremacism Strikes Again

Judge William Haskell Alsup, a federal judge in the Northern District of California, on Tuesday blocked the Trump Administration from winding down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. An executive memo by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano created DACA in June 2012. Ordinarily, a memo could be undone by another memo

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Deferring Democracy: What the DACA Ruling Means

Judge William Alsup Since President Donald Trump took office last year, the federal judiciary has led the Deep State’s massive resistance to the results of an election they refuse to accept. Lawless judicial decisions by activist federal judges attempting to overturn legitimate policies have become so commonplace that they are scarcely

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To Fix Washington, D.C., We Must First Destroy It

Conservatives have long complained about the size and scope of the federal government, especially since its prolonged, self-aggrandizing phase began in earnest after World War II. They’ve offered countless legal solutions to reduce the feds’ intrusions into both the affairs of the states and into our individual lives—almost none of which has resulted

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The Left Goes “Bananas”

Given Hollywood is a bastion of the Left, it is not surprising their “narratives” are oft recycled by Democrats into political fictions, fantasies and plots. The latest example is the Left’s clamoring to have President Trump declared “unfit to serve” and removed from office under a “novel” interpretation of the 25th amendment. I’ve

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Taking America Down

About a century ago, the Progressives got busy in America just as the Communists got busy in Russia. For a moment, the Progressives were in the lead. By 1917, the year of the Russian Revolution, President Woodrow Wilson had already put in place the fundamental changes that had to be made if the

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Dismantle DACA Once and for All

Are Republicans in Congress about to grant amnesty to the 800,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program? A year ago, the question would have been unthinkable as Republicans rode the majority wave to the House, Senate, and the White House, in part because of their fierce opposition to DACA’s

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Flight 93 Has Not Landed

Like many readers of American Greatness, I have watched the unfolding debate over what can only be called “the Flight 93 question” with equal parts interest and annoyance. Observers like Henry Olsen fret about the potential for a protracted apocalyptic conflict between an ascendant Trumpian Right and a vengeance-obsessed Social Justice Left, and

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