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Karl Notturno is a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness in addition to being an entrepreneur, musician, and writer. He recently graduated from Yale University with degrees in philosophy and history. He can be found on Twitter @karlnotturno.

Standing Up to Leftist Racism

In the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s elections, the increasingly relentless accusations of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia reached a fever pitch. But this is nothing new. The mainstream media and the Left—but I repeat myself—have used these terms as cudgels to club their opposition into submission for years. And, until recently, this

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Saudi Hit Squads May Saw My Bones, But Words Can Never Hurt Me

We do not know what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist who disappeared after stepping into a Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul last week. The Saudis say that he left the consulate, unharmed, through a back door. The Turks say the Saudis ambushed him, dismembered him with a bone saw, stuffed

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The Phantom Pain of the Left

As the president of the Senate called for a sufficient second to move to a vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a . . . noise . . . erupted from the Senate gallery. It was as though the gates of Hell had been opened and a demonic voice shrieked, “Where is my representation?”

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The Art of the Never-Ending Investigation

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen Democrats and the media execute a strategy on which they have become increasingly reliant. They are currently using this strategy in an attempt to delay and destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Unfortunately, some Republicans—namely Senator Jeff Flake—do not understand this strategy and continue playing into

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Enough from the Peanut Gallery

In an era of rampant media bias, certain right-leaning journalists have stepped up to act as impartial arbiters of the truth. Ben Shapiro, for instance, constantly criticizes President Trump for actions he considers improper. Of course, since the presidential campaign ended and Trump’s presidency has progressed, Shapiro has found himself increasingly agreeing with

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These Speakers Go to 11

Pundits in the mainstream American media are driving themselves crazy. Their coverage of President Trump has been at a fever pitch for the past year and a half, but somehow it feels as though the pitch is constantly rising. Each time we turn on the news, we hear that the Trump administration has

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