The Nonsense of Race

The concept of race—the idea that humans can be divided into a few discrete subgroups such as “white,” “black,” “brown,” and “yellow”—may be the most powerful weapon in politics. Race is used by judges to justify gerrymandering, by colleges to exclude people they don’t like, by hucksters to extort money from businesses, by

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Yes, NPR: Illegal Immigration Does Increase Violent Crime

As members of an alien caravan beat their fists at the gates, the experts provide the rationalization for inviting them in. John Burnett wrote last week for National Public Radio, “four academic studies show that illegal immigration does not increase the prevalence of violent crime or drug and alcohol problems.” But Burnett curated

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Enough Obstruction: McConnell and the Senate Need to Work

Draining the D.C. swamp takes two critical things: willpower and manpower. President Trump has plenty of the former. But his attempts to gain the latter are being blocked actively by recalcitrant Senate Democrats and lazy Senate Republicans.  Senator Jon Tester’s (D-Mont.) shameful smearing of Dr. Ronny Jackson, Trump’s pick to head the U.S. Department

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The Rape Culture of Politics by Investigation

Former Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo condemned the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday following his closed-door testimony. His words, no doubt, resonated with every Trump aide, associate, and family member ensnared in the bogus Trump-Russia election collusion scam. “God damn you to Hell,” Caputo told the committee—an impassioned conclusion to an emotional statement

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Judge’s Warning in Manafort Case Could Spell Doom for Mueller

One week after a Senate committee approved a bill to protect the special counsel from being fired by the president, both of Robert Mueller’s high-profile cases appear to be in legal jeopardy. On Friday morning, a federal judge accused Mueller’s team of weaponizing its prosecutorial authority in an effort to take down Donald

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Mr. President: Talk to Mueller Now, or Plead the Fifth Later

The long negotiations between Donald Trump's legal team and the gaggle of professional witch-hunters employed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller may yet produce a formula by which the president could sit down for a voluntary interview. Increasingly, however, this seems doubtful, as the hostility between the two camps grows, and as Trump's poll

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What if Mueller Questioned Barack Obama?

Imagine if a right-wing version of Robert Mueller, backed by a properly pro-Trump legal team, had sent former President Barack Obama the same sort of questions that Mueller allegedly delivered this week to President Trump. The special counsel might dress them up in legalese, innuendo, and with perjury-trap IEDs, thereby casting suspicion with

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Obama’s Failed Legacy: Unaffordable Care and Iran’s Nukes

Ronald Reagan famously quipped that the trouble with liberals “is not that they’re ignorant. It's just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Reagan’s words aptly describe former President Barack Obama. Obama was an intelligent, well-educated, articulate man. He could woo crowds with soaring rhetoric and pacify True Conservative™ “intellectuals,” like David

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Obama Amnesia and the EPA

The Obama Amnesia afflicting our friends on the Left is particularly acute when it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency. It is as if lead-contamination oozed into our water supply; toxic chemicals that were deemed safe for eight years randomly started killing unsuspecting Americans; and algae blooms from agricultural run-off began popping up

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