Articles by John Conlin

Do Young Lives Matter?

o young lives matter? Especially poor ones? LeBron James and many other professional athletes are taking a stand against racism and what they consider unjust actions by police across the country. One can argue about the wisdom of these actions and even the basis of the complaints but one can’t argue that a leading cause […]

Is Half of the Country Crazy?

s half of the country crazy? Regardless of which side of the political divide you happen to be on, at least half the country appears to be crazy. And they probably think the same about you. Can this be true? It is difficult to believe half our country—which half doesn’t really matter—is unmoored from reality. […]

Either Contain Government Or It Will Destroy Us

Take a few individuals and put them together in an organization of almost any sort and an amazing thing happens. The organization effectively becomes alive. It now has a heartbeat of its very own and it, the organization, will fight to stay alive from that point forward. This is true of all types of organizations, […]

I’ve Got a Plan for That!

History is littered with the calamities created by those in possession of little knowledge but tremendous certainty. As the political season heats up it seems every candidate and his dog has a plan to solve something. One might reasonably ask these wannabe planners what direct experience they have in the specific areas they purport to […]

A Father’s Day Salute – My Dad’s Left Hand

My 92-year-old dad’s left hand is, for lack of a better term, messed up. It didn’t develop properly in the womb. It’s an oval-shaped thing with small, dangly, non-working nubs. I have never considered him handicapped. I’d guess the same is true of most kids whose parents were in some manner not physically “right.” He […]