Articles by Scott Jackson

Advice to Democratic Wolves: Start Wearing Sheep’s Clothing

Many prominent liberals have ripped into Democratic candidates for sponsoring ideas too far from mainstream America. Their advice? Stop being so honest and start lying. “Candidates are campaigning in an America of their own imagination—a bit to the left of Sweden,” columnist Richard Cohen said recently. It is important, as Cohen understands, for Democrats to […]

From Bake Sales to Boardrooms, ‘Woke’ Is Good For Business

Historically, Republicans have been known as the “party of the rich” making them the “oligarchs” and “fat cats” of American politics in the eyes of many voters. It was never true, but Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren talk as if even the caricature were still current. Tired clichés such as this one are almost as […]

Paying Off the Many, At the Expense of the Middle

Fifteen states have voted to recognize the National Popular Vote (NPV), a proposed interstate compact that pledges the electoral votes of every state to the winner of the overall popular vote in the next presidential election. Nine Democratic presidential candidates have pledged support for the idea. Why such enthusiasm? Hillary Clinton. Clinton won the popular […]

A Tribe of Her Own

As presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren continues to find her people among the Democratic Party base, the senior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts has been slinging government proposals like arrows at the battle of Little BigHorn. Yet with her recent plan to forgive tens of billions in student loans and make college free, the former Harvard professor […]

Vanilla with a Touch of Gay

Pete Buttigieg’s recent ascent over the dwindling Beto O’Rourke largely has been attributed to his claim to diversity—a combination of “Midwest nice” with a gay identity. The South Bend, Indiana mayor also raised $7 million in the first quarter and picked up the monied base of donors from both the Clinton and Obama campaigns. Democratic […]

Howard Schultz’s Strange Old Brew

Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks and registered “independent,” would make the perfect presidential candidate for the Democratic party in 2020. Described as a socially liberal deficit hawk, Schultz is the ideal combination of loose liberalism on cultural issues with a libertarian view toward taxes, big business, and budget deficits. When President Trump signed tax […]