The Monstrous Lie Behind CrowdStrike

There’s a simple explanation for the Democratic National Committee’s unwillingness to let outsiders have a peek at evidence its servers were infiltrated by the Russians in 2016: There isn’t any. The Russian hacking that’s caused so much division and turmoil at home and abroad never really happened. It was all a ruse.

Horowitz’s Gift to the Nation’s Enemies

Like Robert Mueller before him, it was incumbent on Horowitz once and for all to make clear in no uncertain terms that the hateful delusions about Donald Trump have absolutely no basis in reality, to assuage the ugly passions dividing America. Like Mueller, Horowitz failed to deliver.

Debra Katz Strikes Again

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney admits her client was motivated to testify against Brett Kavanaugh in order to safeguard Roe v. Wade. Bring on the perjury investigation.

Russian Hack or CrowdStrike Ruse?

Robert Mueller may live to regret indicting Roger Stone. Stone is the long-time Republican political operative who made headlines in January when he was hauled […]

Jeff Flake’s Spineless Betrayal

Watching the Senate Judiciary Committee’s final vote on Friday, it was hard not to feel sorry for Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). The shrieking and obstreperous women […]