Articles by Michael Thau

Horowitz’s Gift to the Nation’s Enemies

The report released Monday by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz gives something to people on both sides of America’s acrimonious political divide. But it’s hard not to conclude that that the president and his supporters got the short end of the stick. It might not seem that way since Horowitz gave them the […]

The Press Gang That Couldn’t Keep Its Story Straight

No one disputes that when Joe Biden was vice president, he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees from the Ukrainian government unless it replaced the state’s lead prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. But the Washington Post is pushing a funny narrative about Biden’s motives. The reason Biden wanted Shokin fired had nothing whatsoever to […]

Debra Katz Strikes Again

The one-year anniversary of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee is almost upon us, and her attorney, Debra Katz, is at it again. I don’t mean that Katz is once again engaging in politically motivated slander of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Though she is. That’s just par for the course. What’s more surprising is […]

Russian Hack or CrowdStrike Ruse?

Robert Mueller may live to regret indicting Roger Stone. Stone is the long-time Republican political operative who made headlines in January when he was hauled out of his home by a squad of FBI agents adorned in tactical gear and carrying M4 rifles. The ostentatious display of force seemed made for television. And as luck—or […]

Obama’s Other Intelligence Operation

Now that it’s apparent to all but Donald Trump’s most deranged critics that Barack Obama’s FBI was indeed spying on the president’s 2016 campaign, we find ourselves at long last in the scandal’s “What did he know and when did he know it” phase. So it’s worth pointing out that, in addition to the FBI’s […]

CNN is More Dangerous Than Banned Voices

Well, the gradual censorship of right-wing voices took another lurch forward this week. Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Paul Joseph Watson are now all banned permanently from Facebook and their subsidiary, Instagram. In fact, the tech giant that controls almost three-quarters of all social media interactions doesn’t just want to silence Alex Jones; […]

Did the Deep State Recruit Christine Blasey Ford?

The revelation that Christine Blasey Ford’s high school friend and onetime adult roommate, Monica McLean, happens to be a former FBI agent may have raised so few eyebrows because we’ve grown accustomed to finding the FBI lurking in the background of major news stories. The father of Parkland High School student David Hogg, the media’s […]

Jeff Flake’s Spineless Betrayal

Watching the Senate Judiciary Committee’s final vote on Friday, it was hard not to feel sorry for Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). The shrieking and obstreperous women of Hillary Clinton’s “resistance,” bussed in by Democratic Party front organizations for the express purpose of physically confronting and intimidating him, appear to have done their job admirably. Flake was […]

Parsing Mueller’s Lies: Why Julian Assange Makes the Perfect Foil

In the second part of this report, we saw that correcting the flagrant misrepresentations and filling in the strategic gaps in Robert Mueller’s July 13 indictment yields a tale that revolves around four important dates in the annals of 2016 presidential election skullduggery: one in March and three over a four-day period in June of […]

The Lies at the Heart of the Mueller Indictments: Framing Assange

Apart from the 12 Russians he has accused of meddling in the 2016 presidential election, two other figures play a prominent role in Robert Mueller’s July 13 indictment.  In the prologue of this series, we saw the breathtaking scope of Mueller’s dishonesty regarding the behavior and motives of one of them: the mysterious “Guccifer 2.0” […]

The Lies at the Heart of the Mueller Indictments

So far, the reporting on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s July 13 indictments of 12 Russians mostly can be divided into two categories. First, we have the corporate press, which parrots Mueller’s every word as if his honesty were as certain as death and taxes. Second, we find thoughtful outrage directed at Mueller by some of […]

Julian Assange, CrowdStrike, and the Russian Hack That Wasn’t

Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election is predicated on Russian intelligence having hacked the Democratic National Committee’s computers. Russia’s guilt is such an article of faith among our political class, that a Republican-controlled Congress imposed sanctions and President Trump signed on, substantially worsening relations with an important and potentially dangerous nation. Outside the […]

‘Freedom of the Press’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Progressive propaganda, relying on misdirection, misinterpretation, and outright falsehoods, permeates American life and touches or taints every topic. The corporations that produce mass entertainment and news, the government bureaucracies that shape and fund education, the schools from kindergarten to college, and the tech firms that control the flow of information and ideas, are all subject […]

Persuading Progressives? It’s Possible

One thing that never ceases to surprise me is how little progressives understand the most basic tenets of conservative thought. The simple ideas that, for example, lowering taxes might increase government revenue, or that more gun ownership might decrease violent crime, or that raising the minimum wage might harm the working poor, are as remote […]

A Shrill and Vituperative Critic, In Context

Last week, the American Conservative published a headline that, with the addition of a little profanity, would fit right in on the bathroom wall of some Leftist dive: “Donald Trump, Treacherous Loon.” But the piece isn’t by an antifa graffiti artist seeking mainstream attention; its author is one of the site’s senior editors, Rod Dreher. […]