Is Trump’s Cabinet Undermining His Agenda?

Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear: Trump in the White House, has exposed something constitutional scholars might, at best, call outright insubordination. At worst, it amounts to an incidental coup by several former and current Trump Administration advisers. Then again, Woodward’s book may just be another unsubstantiated torrent directed against a president who offends

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Christopher Steele: International Man of Mystery

Not Christopher Steele Who exactly is Christopher Steele? The answer depends on who you ask. According to our media overlords, he is simply a former British spy, well-regarded by the international intelligence apparatus for his skill and deep connections, and someone whose “integrity, excellence and diligence” should not be questioned. Reporters

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The Spy in the White House, the Dogs in the Manger

The New York Times hit a new journalistic low on Wednesday with the publication of an anonymous op-ed, purportedly by a senior member of the Trump Administration, that reveals the existence of a sapper within the president’s circle. No doubt commissioned to coincide with the release of Bob Woodward’s latest exercise in Washington

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Are Dems Right to Panic Over the Court? Five Originalists Weigh In

My intuition is that the Democrats are not panicking enough about the pending confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. They’ve been so busy ginning up their base with claims that Kavanaugh will spell the end of abortion and gay marriage that they haven’t focused on the more likely, and

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Remembering John McCain

The McCain memorial service at the National Cathedral on Saturday reminded some of the Paul Wellstone funeral in 2002: not so much a celebration of a man’s life but a televised opportunity to try and settle political scores. Which was a shame. Many on the right who support Trump were willing to have a

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The Coming Restoration of the Constitution

Just as the upcoming midterm elections may be the most important of our lifetimes—since they will determine if the Trumpian Counter-Reformation will continue or be frustrated—the hearings this week on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court are a watershed event in jurisprudence. Fifty years ago there was a

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N.Y. Times Throws Up a Smokescreen for Bruce Ohr

If this weekend’s bombshell story in the New York Times is to be believed, the nation’s top law enforcement agency under Barack Obama was not only corrupt, it was really dumb, too. In an effort to get ahead of the release of Bruce Ohr’s private congressional testimony—which undoubtedly will include more stunning details

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Trump on the Ground

For months, I’ve been driving on different routes through the vast San Joaquin Valley back and forth from the California coast—and through the usually economically depressed small towns on and near the Highway 99 corridor through the Central Valley. The poverty rate in many valley counties is higher than in West Virginia. It

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