To Love the Nearer Things

You should be proud of your state, or at least of what your state was, when it was really a state and not just a provincial appendage of the national government. 

An Inhuman Ugliness

The arsonist you will always have with you. But must the arsonist be met with cheers? Must all our passions for justice be transmogrified into hysteria? 

The Waste of Our Ignorant Age

America has problems, cultural, economic, and political, that cannot be addressed, let alone discussed, in the current climate of hysteria, irresponsibility, and ignorance.

A Winter Eden

Something of that odd winter cheer comes through for us in our poem this week, Robert Frost’s “A Winter Eden.” 


Our word advent comes from the Latin, and it’s made up of two parts. But what you may not realize is its connection to adventure.

Concord Hymn

It really was a world-changing moment, that Battle of Concord, and yet how did it come about?


We are subject to time, yet there is this God-given difference between us and all other creatures: we transcend time by memory.

American Church

America is no longer like that place where old Frenchmen gathered on a frigid Sunday morning to pray. It is, here and there, like the church with its head cut off but still regretting the operation.