The Leaky Bucket

If you do not have the family, your bucket has been punched full of holes. Not all the water in the world can fill it, because it leaks out as soon as you pour it in.

Perpetual Adolescence

I have been an inveterate fan of the Saint Louis Cardinals ever since their flashy team, long on power pitching, speed on the bases and […]

No God, No Culture

When you drum all religious sensibility out of the public sphere, most of the classics of your own literary and artistic heritage must inevitably follow.

To Love the Nearer Things

You should be proud of your state, or at least of what your state was, when it was really a state and not just a provincial appendage of the national government. 

An Inhuman Ugliness

The arsonist you will always have with you. But must the arsonist be met with cheers? Must all our passions for justice be transmogrified into hysteria? 

The Waste of Our Ignorant Age

America has problems, cultural, economic, and political, that cannot be addressed, let alone discussed, in the current climate of hysteria, irresponsibility, and ignorance.