Why is the Media Suddenly So Interested in the EPA?

Funny what happens when a Republican wins the White House. The media mob suddenly develops an interest in transparency and fiscal responsibility. This week—in a story that has been developing over several months—all eyes are on the Environmental Protection Agency. For eight years, President Obama’s two EPA administrators—Lisa Jackson and Gina McCarthy—received very

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Washington’s Fantasies Are Not People’s Reality

The Beltway’s sober and judicious foreign-policy establishment laments Donald Trump’s purported dismantling of the postwar order. They apparently take the president’s words as deeds and their own innate dislike of him as disinterested analysis. But is the world really imploding after 70 years of supposed “calm”? (Disregarding the Korean and Vietnam wars; Chinese,

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This Monstrosity of a Spending Bill Will Hurt Republicans

The omnibus spending bill passed in the dead of night and signed into law Friday, on the eighth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, is bad policy and worse politics for Republicans facing midterm elections. Despite the GOP’s promises and congressional majorities, Obamacare is still the law of the land and the omnibus

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‘Never Again’? Omnibus Bill Is a Product of the Swamp

Thinking about the $1.3 trillion—that’s “trillion” with a “t” for “terrifying”—omnibus spending bill that President Trump signed on Friday, I wonder who is most unhappy about that incontinent, 2,232-page monument to congressional irresponsibility. (A small token of its irresponsibility—and its contempt for the public—was that the bill had to be signed a mere

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A Night At the Opera with Tenor Trey Gowdy

Mark Twain once wrote, "A southerner talks music.”  U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy’s operatic molasses-and-cream voice, and a wardrobe’s worth of changing hairdos, memorably color the politics of the last decade. Who can forget the South Carolina Republican's virtuoso performance of Immolazieone delle Spoliazioni (The Immolation of Spoliation)? In hearings on IRS misconduct, the

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Will $1.3 Trillion Blobnibus Devour the GOP?

In 1958, The Blob appeared in theaters across America. The plot was standard science fiction fare: a meteor lands on the outskirts of a small Pennsylvania town and unleashes a ravenous alien life form that exponentially grows as it devours everything and everyone in its path. Well, it does until—spoiler alert!—teenage protagonist Steve Andrews

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President Trump Betrayed—Again

Yet again, President Trump’s trust has been betrayed: a cretin from the White House’s inner circle has leaked that Trump was advised not to congratulate former KGB Lt. Col. Vladimir Putin upon the Stalin-wannabe’s retaining his iron grip on the presidency of the Russian Federation. Obviously, the leaker betrayed the president’s trust to

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Time to End Mueller’s Investigation About Nothing

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sprawling investigation into “Trump-Russia collusion” has devolved into a ludicrous media spectacle, a meandering situation comedy “about nothing” that is in quest of something, anything to be about. If, after all of these months of investigation, he has no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, then the conclusion is

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