The Great Wall of Harvard

President Trump’s vow to change a “rigged system” helped propel him to victory over stodgy supporters of “liberal” and “conservative” non-alternatives. His Department of Justice has sided with Asian-Americans claiming discrimination in admissions at Harvard and, again on their behalf, expressed interest in the possibility of antitrust violations in early admissions to elite

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The Respect Deficit

He was duly and legally elected. It was a surprise to many and a great disappointment to a large number of voters. Many were enraged when he won the Republican nomination. But he went on to win the presidency even though he failed to win the popular vote. Some say he was able

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Wolfe’s Witness

Tom Wolfe died last week. His works will live on for a long time. There is a scene in Wolfe’s 1968 book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test that, once read, is never forgotten. He’s on assignment for New York Magazine, riding in a 1939 school bus painted in wild colors and packed with

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Make America Not Small Again

On the eve of the release of the IG report, President Trump can be seen in relief against the backdrop of a year and a half of events. So can his enemies.The elite’s embrace of globalism has choked off recognition of ordinary Americans—those without a recognized grievance—in favor of the outer of the concentric

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Countdown to Triviality!

One of the great banes of 21st-century American culture is TV’s “countdown clock,” which ominously winds down to the start of a media hyped event. Because no one protested its initial appearance, the countdown clock today is ubiquitous, heralding everything—except something important. We’ve seen the countdown clock inject itself in politics, such as

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Culture Wargames

The classic Marxists of the 20th century wanted to bring the entire world under Communist domination. The new Millennium’s heirs to that movement on the progressive Left are more ambitious: They strive to dominate all the worlds—even the ones that exist only in your imagination. Perhaps especially those. Using strategies reminiscent of campus

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