Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Big Tech and, in particular, social media is a huge player and a culprit in this effort at the annihilation of free will. But we can resist it.

Catch Me If You Can

What drives Bastašić’s often tender exploration of the unreliability of memory and friendship, is a sense of loss. There is nothing saccharine about this journey.

Repairing the Broken World

Imagine nothingness. Imagine joylessness. Imagine life without love, mercy, faith, hope, and justice. This is the essence of the song “Imagine.” And it’s the essence of today’s globalist message.

Free and Captive Minds

Freedom does not exist in a collectivist society, and the only way that it can exist is if we reject collectivism, and affirm the idea of community.

Courage Under Fire

Ryun’s book often reads like a spy novel or a thriller (which were also components to this fight), but what makes it truly palpable is emotion.

The Promise of Freedom

We don’t need fuzzy platitudinous tweets about America from Republican politicians. What we need right now is what we might call “politics for adults.”

It Belongs in a Museum!

Past creations should be curated, preserved, admired, and reflected upon. They shouldn’t be assaulted and morphed into ideological props. 

Bleached New World

The object of our current crisis has not been to get people back to life, joy, and pleasure but to institute a “new normal,” which involves denial of humanity and an excuse for our own lack of joy.

America, Interrupted

By living in fear, we are psychologically, culturally, and even spiritually distancing ourselves from a uniquely American space.