Post-Kavanaugh, the Culture War Will Only Get Worse

Did you hear Hillary Clinton talking about America’s cold civil war the other day? She didn’t call it that, but that’s what she meant. Just days after the U.S. Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by a razor-slim majority, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee joined the chorus of outrage from America’s

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Civility, Civil War, and the Future of Our Civilization

Hillary Clinton, the most vengeful, spiteful loser in the history of American electoral politics, has abandoned the Left’s always deceptive, now evanescent call for “civility.” She insists there can be no civility between the parties until the Democrats are restored to power—and, by extension, the Republicans are vanquished. “You cannot be civil with

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The Ideology of Evil

Michael Anton recently joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss an American Greatness column, “The Gillibrand Standard.” Anton argues that the Left poses a grave threat to our institutions, our country, and to decency and truth itself. Toward the end of the segment, Carlson asked, what does it say about those who

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The Phantom Pain of the Left

As the president of the Senate called for a sufficient second to move to a vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a . . . noise . . . erupted from the Senate gallery. It was as though the gates of Hell had been opened and a demonic voice shrieked, “Where is my representation?”

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War on Men Is a Long-Term Plan for Democrat Victory

Encouraging women to hate and fear men as rapists is not a cultural development. It is a political weapon. Democrats are trying to replicate their electoral success among blacks, which they cheaply achieve by convincing them Republicans are racists. Smears such as “racism” and “rape culture” are effective substitutes for policy achievements or

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The Battle of Brett Kavanaugh

As the smoke starts to clear over the senatorial battlefield, the outlines of the conflict have come into stark relief. What began, like Gettysburg, with the accidental clash of two mighty armies, has become a death struggle between the reactionary forces of cultural-Marxist leftism in their purest, most deracinated form, and the restorative

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The Strange and Ahistorical Objections of Cultural ‘Moderates’

The radio talk show celebrity Tammy Bruce was on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program last week, where she uttered some puzzling comments about what Senate Democrats had done to Judge Brett Kavanaugh earlier in the day. First let me say that I totally agree with Bruce’s expressions of outrage about how the judge

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Explaining the Left, Part IV: Contempt for Middle-Class Values

When I was in graduate school, I learned a lot about the Left. One lesson was that while most liberals and conservatives abide by society's rules of order and decency, most leftists do not feel bound to live by these same rules.I watched the way leftist Vietnam War protesters treated fellow students and professors.

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