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Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. His latest book, published by Regnery in May 2019, is The Rational Bible, a commentary on the book of Genesis. His film, "No Safe Spaces," comes to theaters fall 2019. He is the founder of Prager University and may be contacted at

The Left Hates the Salvation Army. That’s All You Need to Know About the Left

We all know some individuals who are so obviously good and kind that we are certain if anyone were to dislike them, that's all we would need to know about the person. We would immediately assume he or she is a bad person. To hate the manifestly good is a sure sign of being bad.

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Fiona Hill Should Be Condemned by Jewish Groups. She Won’t Be

Fiona Hill, the former senior director for European and Russian affairs for the Trump Administration, testified last week in the House impeachment hearings. At one point, U.S. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.) asked her: "Would you say that these different theories, these conspiracy theories that have been targeting you, spun in part by folks like [Roger]

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Does the Left Hate America?

Whenever leftists are charged with not loving or even with hating America, they respond angrily, labeling the question absurd, mean-spirited and an example of right-wing McCarthyism. But there can be little doubt that the left has no love for America, just as there can be little doubt that liberals and conservatives love America. Love of

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The Left-Right Divide Is About Reality Itself

The Left-Right divide in America is, unfortunately, unbridgeable. There are three reasons. First, we are divided by our vision of what we want America to be. The Right believes the Founders' vision was brilliant and moral, that bourgeois middle-class values are superior to alternative value systems; that rights come from God, not man; and that the state

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‘Your Past Is Terrible, and Your Future Is Terrible’

Here are some of the messages the Left has been giving America's young people: Your past is terrible, and your future is terrible. The American past is a story of genocide, slavery, racism, patriarchy, and colonialism. You should be ashamed of it. As regards your future, your very existence is in jeopardy. You may well

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Air Canada to Its Passengers: ‘Screw You’

Air Canada announced last week that it will no longer use the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" on board its flights. The policy is part of a "commitment to respect sexual identity, diversity, and inclusion," the company said in an internal memo. Instead of the gender-specific "ladies and gentlemen" (and "mesdames et messieurs"—all announcements on Air

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The Left to America’s Children: Your Past Is Terrible, and Your Future Is Terrible

A rule of life is that everything the Left touches it ruins: art, music, Christianity, Judaism, race relations, male-female relations, universities, high schools, elementary schools, late-night comedy, sports, liberty, journalism, the Boy Scouts, national economies, language and everything else it influences. The Left, not liberalism. (I have written a column and done a PragerU video

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If You Can’t Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids

The entire American Left—the mainstream media, the environmentalist movement and Democratic politicians in particular—are celebrating the involvement of teenagers and even younger children in protesting the world's "inaction" with regard to global warming. And not just the American Left, of course. The Left throughout the world is celebrating. A 16-year-old Swedish girl whose contempt for

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Do You Know What the Democrats Said at Their Debate?

The last debate among 10 Democrats seeking their party's nomination for president set a new low for demagoguery, contempt for America and just plain foolishness. Here are some examples: Andrew Yang: "In America today, everything revolves around the almighty dollar—our schools, our hospitals, our media, even our government." It is difficult to imagine a more

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