Societies That Surrender Moral Foundation Historically Self-Destruct

Despite its origins in the historic Stonewall Riots of 1969, “Pride Month,” which concluded last week, has devolved into a manifestation of moral decay in 2023.

The proliferation of the transgenderism movement, fueled by Marxist ideologies, within our public education system is concerning enough. However, the decision to dedicate an entire month to celebrate moral degradation is a step too far. While I am not advanced in years, I never envisioned a day where transvestites would lecture us on human biology, or sterilizers would pose as health professionals advocating for human rights. It seems that our nation has descended into a state of utter madness, where men can now claim pregnancy and the number of genders rivals the alphabet.

The recent videos circulating on social media from the Seattle Pride parade exemplify the alarming situation. Naked men openly display their genitalia in front of children, while in New York, drag marchers chant menacingly, declaring their intentions to target young minds. A so-called “all ages family-friendly” pride festival in Denver featured a performer enacting a sexually explicit scene on stage, even inviting members of the audience to partake in lewd actions. Witnessing such disturbing acts as men in underwear lasciviously twerk for children in Minneapolis is nauseating, to say the least.

We must also ponder the choices made by parents who expose their children to drag shows, parades with nudity, and other events that can potentially harm their impressionable minds. While parents possess the right to decide what is best for their children, the decision to subject them to such experiences unveils a deeper issue—the absence of a moral compass. In recent years, America has resembled an overindulged teenager, given newfound freedoms and spiraling out of control. While some parents have valiantly protested against age-inappropriate literature and pornography infiltrating school campuses, others have adopted an apathetic stance, normalizing the unthinkable.

Moreover, figures like Brian Krassenstein have emerged as social media influencers, actively seeking to normalize indecency on platforms like Twitter, where their influence is immediate and far-reaching. Krassenstein’s audacious remarks, asserting that witnessing a naked man on a bike would have minimal impact on a child, and even suggesting that sharing a video of such an act is worse than children witnessing it firsthand, are deeply concerning. One can hope that individuals like Mr. Krassenstein, with such distorted perspectives on the exposure of children to explicit content, does not become the societal norm.

The challenges currently plaguing America are not unprecedented. Societies that surrender their moral foundations, such as the nuclear family, in favor of self-indulgence and moral decline, have historically self-destructed. Ancient Greek civilization, for instance, not only tolerated but even celebrated moral discrepancies and pedophilia. Similarly, the decline of the Roman Empire can be attributed to the abandonment of strong familial bonds and moral values in favor of weakness and laxity. The striking parallels between the final years of ancient Rome and present-day America are alarming, serving as a stark reminder that history tends to repeat itself if we allow it to.

This pattern is not exclusive to the Greeks and the Romans; Babylonians, Persians, and Macedonians experienced similar downfalls. Notably, whenever a nation upholds high moral standards, it reaches the pinnacle of success. Regrettably, in our present-day society, a nucleus of individuals seems consumed by indecency and immorality. This ideology, or rather idiocy, weakens our nation and poses a threat to our national security. It underscores the urgent need for a strong nuclear family structure if we are to rebuild.

In his book Christians in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution, Randy Alcorn aptly noted that unless our country experiences spiritual repentance and undergoes a profound reversal of moral values, we risk inviting the same judgment that befell Sodom and Gomorrah. Therefore, we must devote ourselves to daily prayers for our nation’s spiritual and moral well-being. Furthermore, from a legislative perspective, we must actively pursue the passage of bills aimed at curbing the societal degradation, particularly when it comes to protecting our children.

If there is one lesson we can glean from the events of Pride Month, it is that true pride is conspicuously absent. Instead, we find ourselves reduced to a mere shell of the nation we once were, a nation that valued virtue and righteousness. While this month may have come to an end, our battle is far from over. We must remain steadfast in our efforts to elevate the standards of righteousness in our land, for the sake of our children and the preservation of our national security. Our commitment should mirror the unwavering determination of the soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy—we cannot afford to give up. America is worth fighting for, and our children are worth any inconvenience or sacrifice we may endure.

Allen Mashburn is running to be the 36th Lt Governor of North Carolina. For more than twenty-five years, he has been a pastor, business leader, and outspoken public speaker—standing for liberty, values, and families.

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