Judge, Lest Ye Be Judged!

Evangelicals and Christians are now under intense public pressure to condemn one particular adulterer.  Weirdly, this pressure comes from many of the same people who normally cleave to a one-verse New Testament (“Judge not, lest ye be judged!”). But in the wake of potential revelations about the president, these formerly “non-judgmental” observers are

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Pennsylvania and Populism: Lessons Missed

In all the theorizing about Democrat Conor Lamb’s narrow victory in last week’s special congressional election in Western Pennsylvania, here is one important overlooked factor: the Republicans abandoned the winning populist formula that for the last 16 years had proven successful in this heavily blue-collar district, which President Trump won by 20 points. Instead,

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This Sensitivity Ploy Could Blow Up in Librarians’ Faces

A group of librarians at Boston’s Simmons College are attempting to breathe new life into an old librarian stereotype. An “Anti-Oppression Library Guide” takes library “shushing” behavior to new, socially aware levels, and has excited comment, particularly for its section regarding how to avoid offending Muslims. The guide identifies phrases supposedly offensive to

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The Lord Helps Evangelicals Who Help Themselves

Michael Gerson, former chief speechwriter for George W. Bush, writes ruefully in the pages of The Atlantic about “The Last Temptation” of evangelical Christians. Over the course of an excruciating 7,000 words, Gerson laments “how so many evangelicals lost their interest in decency, and how a religious tradition called by grace became defined

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