Milley-tary Musings

Thus privilege shall perish, and from the remaining rubble you can thank the very model of a modern SJW!

Dunces in the Center

A renaissance from the Right is desperately needed in the arts. Centrism Games is one important contribution to that effort.

The Mad Diversity Queen Under Siege

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division’s recognition of Yale’s discriminatory admissions process is a pleasant surprise to Americans weary of racial double standards.

The Ramparts of 2020

“When free men shall stand, between their loved homes and the war’s desolation…” We’re all behind the same ramparts now.

Bring It, Chuck

If there’s a way the enemies of the Constitution can punish originalist judges, it stands to reason that justices who vandalize the Constitution to further the progressive agenda can also face reprisals from the Constitution’s friends.

Prayers for Rush Limbaugh

When Rush’s formerly-nicotine-stained fingers pass the torch, we must aspire to carry it as diligently, as unashamedly, and as merrily as he has.

Homily for Romney

So, Mitt Romney Schifffted gears; And we listen to them grind, Like his teeth, because the nation’s Left him very far behind. For the moment, […]

Woke Harry Potter

What if J.K. Rowling reimagined Harry Potter in the satirical tradition of Orwell’s Animal Farm? She should.

Peace(makers) on Earth

Surely there are rabbis and pastors who might come together to arrange a sort of exchange program of qualified, background-checked, good-hearted men.

Mary, Didja Know?

 Did the Holy Mother realize how politicized her journey to Bethlehem would become?

Halloween Costume Blues

In the spirit of obliging their need for outrage, we propose a rating system, to evaluate your costume’s offensiveness—because in the battle for Hallowe’en, offense is better than defense.

Of NeverChumps and Magaphobes

If he’s a younger voter, though, it’s likely the NeverChumper has never been a “chump” at all. He’s grown up in an educational environment openly hostile to him, and doesn’t remember a Left any milder or more civil than today’s.