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Garrett Ward Sheldon is professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and an ordained Christian minister. He taught political theory, American political thought, law, and religion. He has published 10 books, including The History of Political Theory: Ancient Greece to Modern America, Religion and Politics: Major Thinkers on the Relation of Church and State, and The Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson. He was in residence at and commissioned by, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, and a visiting scholar at the University of Vienna, Trinity College (Dublin), Moscow University, the University of Istanbul, and Princeton.

How Would You Feel if You Were Treated Like Trump?

Imagine a person with great political authority who is known to have a grudge against you began an investigation looking for reasons to indict you. That person interviewed only people who were hostile to you. Imagine further that you were not allowed to see the evidence, to cross-examine witnesses, to bring your own evidence and

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What Donald Trump and King David Have in Common

Around the middle of Barack Obama’s second term, I began to hear from several ministers that their congregations (of different denominations) had begun to spontaneously and fervently pray for our country.These were not the generic “God Bless America” prayers; they were heartfelt anguish over America’s drift from God’s Truth and way, begging for God’s

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How I Knew Trump Would Win in 2016 and Will Win Again

I recall the early part of 2016, when Donald Trump began to win several presidential primaries. Suddenly, everyone was asking “Who is this? What is he? A New York businessman?! A real estate developer?! A casino owner?!” Also: “What is he politically? A moderate Republican? A liberal Democrat? A conservative?” As a supposed

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