Politics and Merit in the Academy

If professor positions were political appointments, chosen by state governors, those appointments would reflect to some degree the politics of the governors and of voters who chose them.

Stay Out of Kenosha

Young patriot, don’t go to Kenosha, or Seattle, or Portland. Blue state governors, blue county prosecutors, and blue city mayors don’t want your “help” against the mobs they have made possible.

Showdown at Fort Miamis 

Before America could be great, it first had to secure its territory, fend off enemies foreign and domestic, and maintain an unsteady peace with the most powerful empire on Earth. Here is the forgotten story of how George Washington and his administration navigated perilous diplomatic waters in the nation’s earliest days.

How to Lose to Bernie

If we want to prevent the destruction of prosperity and American power that a Sanders Administration would leave in its wake, we need to learn from the experience of others about which kinds of arguments will keep him out—and which kinds of arguments will do little but smooth his path.

Lincoln Enough

Time, and history, will tell if Donald Trump is “better” or “greater” than Abraham Lincoln. But if he is re-empowered in 2020 to actually make great Republican principles work, Trump would be the Lincoln we deserve.

L’etat C’est Nous

A deeper knowledge of the players involved in leveling the charges of impropriety and, even, “treason” against President Trump, shows that most of them have something to hide and interests to protect that explain their outrage.

Shallow Politics and Deep Politics

In January, three new telegenic, outspoken, and self-proclaimed “progressive” congresswomen took their seats: Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). Omar, a […]

The Hour of Avigdor

The connections between America and Israel are deep: grounded on religious cultural, and political ties that go well back before Israel’s founding. What’s more, Prime […]

Out of Syria

Wednesday afternoon Israel time I was outlining with my collaborator Yoav Kapshuk our paper on the meaning of the Syrian civil war and its resolution […]

Starbucks Socialism

For decades, my parents have frequented one “Bamboo Gardens,” a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in possession of that rare treasure in the neighborhood of Seattle Center: […]