Get Ailes!

“The Man in the Arena” tells the story of a man in full. Roger Ailes was energetic, ambitious, unorthodox, creative, brilliant, charming, disarming, and a bunch of other things that made all kinds of different people yell, at critical moments, “Get Ailes!”

Use the Defense Production Act

The best way for those concerned about government overreach to get what they want is to see this crisis end quickly. And that means in part, putting the right tools in the hands of those who need them.

What Happens When Everything Stops?

Our ordinary lives and routines have been upended, but let’s see that as an opportunity to do some good even as we grapple with the very real challenges we’re all facing. It only seems like everything stopped. Life goes on.

The Real Threat(s) from Coronavirus

Social distancing is nothing compared to a crisis that leads to mass casualties, economic collapse, and a legacy of bad policies that leaves the country weaker than ever before.

Wuhan Virus Exposes The Danger of Reliance Upon China

China is not just a strategic competitor, it is a hostile foreign power. And by controlling the manufacture of critical healthcare supplies—not just iPhones and toasters—they hold significant power over this country and the rest of the world. And they know how to use it—especially in a time of crisis.

Only Bold Proposals Can Displace Globalism

All of us share a rich heritage that is under attack. This time it is under attack by a pernicious idea as old as human history. It is the idea with which the serpent tempted Eve, it is the idea that man can be his own god.