Articles by Hezekiah Kantor

Munchausen Nation

ike most of us, I have been riveted while watching the United States of America have a mental breakdown in front of the rest of the civilized world.  I imagine all the neoconservatives who bleated about American Exceptionalism as a pretext to export our own pathologies abroad must be scratching their heads; and I am […]

Who Controls the Past Controls the Future

he History Channel’s recent series about Ulysses S. Grant was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and based on the best-selling biography by Ron Chernow. It concluded on Wednesday and was just about what one would expect from a film created by some of academia’s and entertainment’s biggest leftists. Although the series did fairly well in rehabilitating […]

‘Grant’ and the Left-Wing MEET Complex

he History Channel on Monday will premiere a three-part miniseries about Ulysses S. Grant. Produced by the arch-leftist and globalist Leonardo Di Caprio, with commentary by left-wing reparations activist Ta-Nehisi Coates, the show is based on Ron Chernow’s 2017 biography. This is the same Chernow who excoriated President Trump at the 2019 White House Correspondents’ […]

Globalism Delenda Est

othing, not even a pandemic, will dissuade the people who brought us globalization to modify, halt, or roll back the decisions they have made for us. As I was scrolling through Twitter, I came across these gems. First, there was this tweet from the George W. Bush Presidential Center. It links to an article which […]

Scapegoating a Young Minority

A new school year is kicking off for millions of young Americans and, with an election year looming, expect heaps of new assignments meant to “explore public issues.” In thousands of schools throughout the United States, this will mean further political indoctrination by their mostly left-leaning teachers. No doubt they will be taught about the […]

The Ahmari Theory of Internal Diplomacy

How should conservative and traditionalist Americans go forward in today’s current political climate? That is the question at the root of an ongoing dispute arising from Sohrab Ahmari’s First Things article, “Against David French-ism” and David French’s rebuttal in National Review called “What Sohrab Ahmari Gets Wrong.” Ahmari argues, “The only way is through”—that is, […]

Case for Reparations Is Progressive Corruption of Christianity

In Christianity, original sin is the first cause which allowed evil to enter the history of mankind. While progressive liberals basically reject traditional Christianity, having their own origins so intimately tied up with those of Christendom, they cannot escape similar patterns of thought. They have their own versions of original sin which are the lens […]

Heretics in the Church of Progressive Liberalism

Religions fear heretics more than non-believing infidels because they are, at least on paper, supposed to be closer to the truth than infidels. That’s why intra-religious disputes are often so bloody: between Catholics and Protestants, between Sunni and Shia, between Anglican and Puritan. Progressive liberalism has dogma and heresy, too. Certain ideas are indisputable. Those […]

Worshipful Procession: The Progressive Liberal Protest March

In 2008, noted psychologist and addiction expert Stanton Peele argued in Psychology Today that, “Religious people are certifiable. They are obligated to believe crazy things . . . I write this from my hotel in Seville, on Good Friday, after marching through the streets following religious processions of floats, mournful bands, and men dressed in […]

K-12 Education Has Become Progressive Sunday School

As an adolescent, just beginning my education as a Catholic, I had Catechism classes. There, for usually an hour, we learned some of the basic tenets of the Roman Catholic faith. In other denominations, this is known as Sunday School. I suppose the true purpose of Sunday School is edification and the equipping of the […]