Big White Lies

A revitalized and restorationist Republican Party will never take shape until white America finally gets off its knees.

Munchausen Nation

How do we go forward? By defeating the MEET Complex, silencing those who have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy—which is itself a form of abuse—and promoting people who reject Munchausen Syndrome.

Globalism Delenda Est

The fall election is President Trump’s to win or lose. If he puts America and Americans first while calling for the destruction of globalism with the same repetitive fervor that Marcus Porcius Cato called for the destruction of Carthage, he will most likely win.

Scapegoating a Young Minority

Racial scapegoating is abusive. And when it comes to young people, it should be called what it is: child abuse. Schools are pushing a curriculum that makes the possibility of a unified, post-racial America impossible.