Articles by Deion A. Kathawa

Segregation Makes a Comeback

ust off your “2020 bingo card.” Even with all this year’s craziness—impeachment; millions of acres of hellfire spreading across California; a global pandemic unleashed by China (which was also the occasion to shut down the engine of the greatest economy the world had ever seen); more than 100 consecutive days of rioting and looting in […]

We Don’t Need to Invoke Article V to Rein in Radical Judges

ames W. Lucas argued at American Greatness recently that the solution to lawless, radical judges is to be found in “reviv[ing] the people’s ultimate control over the meaning of our foundational document by reforming and updating the amendment process.” Lucas observes correctly that, contrary to the founders’ intent, “the Supreme Court has become the Constitution.” […]

Notre Dame President Apologizes for Lou Holtz, Embarrasses University

niversity of Notre Dame President Fr. John I. Jenkins once again has revealed his moral obtuseness. I’m no stranger to criticizing Notre Dame’s “leader,” and, frankly, it should be done by others much more frequently than it has been. Evidently, harsh feedback is the only way faithful, orthodox Catholics can communicate to him that they […]

The NHL Gets Woke

he National Hockey League’s COVID-delayed playoffs began in earnest on Sunday. After months without hockey, I was keen to watch the best of the best compete for Lord Stanley’s Cup, the greatest trophy in all of sports. But I was not permitted simply to enjoy the return of hockey—a sport on which I was reared […]

Riot Response Proves the Pandemic Precautions Were Always Political—And That’s Fine

any Americans were shocked when the demands for social distancing, slavish public masking, and lockdowns to combat the global coronavirus pandemic—backed by social shaming, arrests, fines, and even jail time—were suddenly dropped. Just like that, the scourge of COVID-19 seemed to be over, ending not with a whimper but with a literal bang—nationwide riots. Our […]

The Pandemic Showcases Courts’ Limitations

he Michigan Court of Claims on Thursday released its much-anticipated decision in Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan Senate v. Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The court spoke through Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens and ruled mostly in favor of Whitmer. Judge Stephens dismissed the legislature’s lawsuit, denying its request for a declaratory judgment that Executive Order 2020-67 […]

Coronavirus Is an Opportunity to Reject Judicial Supremacy

f anyone has benefitted from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s lawyers. Business is positively booming; if Americans know how to do anything, it’s file lawsuits. The American Spectator reports that since the various pandemic measures were enacted in March (has it really only been two months?), “dozens” of lawsuits have been filed against Democratic governors across […]

Fusionists Are the Japanese Holdouts of American Politics

Fusionism—a political synthesis which stresses the compatibility of libertarian freedom with traditional moral values—faces an identity crisis. Political philosopher and one-time Communist Frank Meyer conceived fusionism after World War II, as well as its corresponding political coalition, which he compared to a three-legged stool. Fusionism committed to a muscular foreign policy, social and moral traditionalism, […]

Answering the Left’s Campaign to Delegitimize the Courts

Elie Mystal—an Above the Law windbag—mercifully has taken a break from comparing Republicans to Nazis and blogging cringey clickbait about seminude Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz to shriek instead about how President Trump and Senate Republicans are “pack[ing] the courts with ultraconservatives.” In a rambling screed at The Nation, Mystal frets about some dark fruit […]

Christians Don’t Have to Support Open Borders

Mexico has decided to reassume operational control and responsibility over its southern border with Guatemala, pledging to deploy up to 6,000 of its own national guard troops. The shift comes in response to President Trump’s recent tariff threat. This is most welcome, not to mention in accord with principles of justice. Open-borders activists are fond […]

The Right Needs to Take Language Seriously

The Left’s ideas receive a major boost in ubiquity and apparent credibility because progressives control nearly all of the America’s major taste-making institutions: Hollywood, the universities, K-12 education, and the media. Such control allows progressives to set the terms of national debates, demarcating the range of acceptable opinions on any given subject. It gives rise […]

The Administrative State Poisons Everything It Touches

[fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_ rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” ] [fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_ rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” ] The sprawling, unaccountable administrative state is strangling America and killing common sense. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) refused this week to join a growing list of countries—including, so far, Ireland, China, Indonesia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Oman, Malaysia, […]