Segregation Makes a Comeback

If we cannot rally around equality before the law and within our institutions, and embrace color blindness within our own hearts, then we will not survive as a nation.

The NHL Gets Woke

In what sense do professional hockey players “skate for black lives”? How does hockey, whether played well or poorly (or at all), “end racism” or bring about “better days”? Does the act of playing hockey “fix” racism?

Fusionists Are the Japanese Holdouts of American Politics

The fusionists won their war—the Cold War—which is an outcome for which we should all be thankful. But their time has passed, and if we remain tied to them through political nostalgia in the face of mountains of evidence that their ideology isn’t up to the challenges of the present age, we’ll lose the cold civil war facing us today.

Fathers Matter—A Lot

The truth of the title is obvious to all but the most fanatically anti-natural-family ideologues, and yet, our culture is drowning in fatherlessness and seems […]