It seems the Dalia Lama
Has chosen to calm a
Storm of speculation,
With new information.

Seem that a burning question
Of lamaic succession,
Had the world in a whirl:
“Might the next be a girl?”

“Or does Tibet, like Rome,
“Claim a Y chromosome
“Is the prerequisite
“To be spiritually fit?”

Though they ardently quizzed ‘im,
He withheld his wisdom—
But after some delay
He at last had his say:

“Why would you all suppose
“A girl couldn’t be chose?
“But—this wise-woman lama,
She must be one hot mama.”

And an uproar ensued:
“How benighted! How rude!”
Every journalist fumed
Each one perfectly groomed.

Worldwide, city by city,
Newsgirls hired to be pretty
Earnestly contended
That they’d been sooo offended

But serenely the priest
Just returned to the East,
Where the incense smoke swirls,
To dream of pretty girls.

Photo credit:  Sanjeev Verma/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

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