Democrat Campaign Slogan: “We Are Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!”

“The deliberate national penance that most Germans take for granted offers a striking contrast with the ways American have confronted their own national crimes.” That’s a line from an article last month in The Atlantic. The article focuses on a supposedly sad divergence: while Germans have fully acknowledged their responsibility for the Holocaust and accepted

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Anti-Trump Fraternity and NeverTrump Sorority Collude in Impeachment Scam

How stupid does the anti-Trump fraternity think the American people are? By “anti-Trump fraternity” I mean not only the increasingly frantic Democrats who, like Belshazzar at that memorable dinner party many years back, can see the writing ever more clearly on the wall for 2020, but also the NeverTrump sorority who just cannot get over

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Moral Equivalence in the ‘Unilateral’ Impeachment Inquiry

The Left’s same lame game is afoot—anile, redundant, and destined for failure. In his incisive legal analysis, Andrew McCarthy notes how the absence of a formal vote to commence the impeachment inquiry and the failure (at present) to issue subpoenas would invoke due process safeguards for the president, his administration, and other potential witnesses and/or

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Russiagate Gets a Bad and Frightening Facelift

The Democrat’s impeachment “inquiry” is not about anything Trump did or didn’t do. Like the anti-climactic Russian soap opera that came before it, it’s about discrediting President Trump before the 2020 election. Their last attempt failed; unashamed and undeterred, they’re giving it another shot. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) deserves some credit. She

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The Anesthetic Effect of Ukrainegate

Wary political commentators on the Right have noted that the ginned up outrage over President Trump’s call with the Ukranian president serves two political purposes: One, to supply the impeachment goods that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could not deliver and two, to obfuscate the ongoing investigations led by Attorney General William Barr into how the

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Trump’s Worldwide Dragnet to Catch the Hoaxers

Buried somewhere in recent impeachment reporting was the real news that federal prosecutors are conducting an international dragnet to find the perpetrators of the Russia hoax. Last week, the Justice Department issued a statement: A team led by U.S. Attorney John Durham is separately exploring the extent to which a number of countries, including Ukraine,

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The Walls Really are Closing In . . . On the Elite

Whenever the Left makes a characterization of the Right, it’s safe to be that it’s probably projection. “Projection” is when someone attempts to mask one’s own negative attributes or characteristics by attributing them to others. Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, but the Left—from Hollywood to Jeffrey Epstein to drag queen story

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While Claiming to Fear Authoritarianism, the Left Actually Breeds It

Nancy Pelosi says her latest impeachment spectacle is “about the Constitution.” That’s laughable since so many of her actions, like those of so many in her conference and their progressive fellow travelers, do violence to the Constitution on a daily basis. The following non-exhaustive list catalogues instances of the authoritarians’ widening assault on our liberties.

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Impeachment is Not About Trump, It’s about Protecting the DNC from their Voters

The Democrats now believe they have finally caught their White (or, possibly, orange?) Whale, Donald Trump. Congressional Democrats claim that President Trump violated election rules by asking Ukraine’s president for his assistance in investigating the Biden family’s potentially corrupt dealings in Ukraine during the time Joe Biden was vice president. Regardless of whether there is

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Kamala Harris is the Winner from the Impeachment Push But the Game is On

The Democrat leadership and political elite have decided to go all in on impeachment. It’s just their latest big media play. It remains to be seen how far they push it beyond posturing and investigations, since Nancy Pelosi’s “official investigation” reportedly is what Representative Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has been doing all along. Nonetheless, in political

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