Ten Months Later

The Washington Post finally reveals sketchy details on “pipe bombs.” Was it just another stunt to fuel panic and outrage about January 6?

Where Are the Real Domestic Terrorists?

It’s malfeasance for powerful government authorities, including Joe Biden, to intentionally mislead the American people by stoking unjustified fears of a pending domestic terror attack.

This Is Obama’s Third Term

While Biden is the empty suit and emptier mind in the Oval Office, it is Obama who is running the show; it is Obama who is desperate to fulfill the promise he made in 2008. 

What Good is a Republican Victory?

A congressional takeover devoted to legacy GOP policies won’t fix anything that needs fixing. Patriotic Americans and Trump supporters need to keep the Republican Party at arm’s length. 

Third-Party Delusions

The two-party system isn’t permanent, but it would take revolutionary changes in our society to disrupt it. The third-party delusions of centrists and NeverTrumpers are not those changes.