Unequal Fates: A Real Obama Era Whistleblower vs. the Trump ‘Whistleblower’

The whistleblower, speaking to internal investigators, pulled no punches in his assessment of the government’s mishandling of the war in Afghanistan. “As intelligence makes its way up higher, it gets consolidated and really watered down, it gets politicized,” he explained. “It gets politicized because once policymakers get their hands on it . . . they

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Liberals Bow to Leftists

The sorry descent of former Vice President Joe Biden into identity politics on the campaign trail signals that the Democratic Party of Tip O'Neill and Bill Clinton is over and done with forever. The pull of group resentments in the party is too strong. Last summer, Biden staked his place in political correctness, and he

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A Fair Senate Impeachment Trial? That’s What They’re Afraid Of

On January 7, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wrote her Democratic colleagues to explain her strategy and to respond to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) announcement that he would not negotiate impeachment trial procedures with the House. Instead, McConnell simply plans to use the procedures employed in the Clinton impeachment. Pelosi responded by writing: Sadly,

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Did the Dog Get Wagged?

In 1998, three days after President Bill Clinton apologized to America for lying about his frolicking with Monica Lewinsky, he ordered military strikes on terrorist sites in Afghanistan and Sudan. Called Operation Infinite Reach, they were described as retaliation for the bombings of the Kenya-Tanzania American embassies. They were widely regarded as ineffectual, and mocked

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Christopher Wray Isn’t the Right Man to Fix the FBI

The nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency is in shambles. Following a series of internal investigations, in addition to extensive reporting on the misconduct of former top officials, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is suffering a crisis in confidence from the very people it has a sworn duty to protect: the American public. Considering its

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Of Causation and Emojis

My favorite literary expostulation from the last couple of days came from Javad Zarif, foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It entered the world in the form of a tweet, that contemporary answer to the haiku, and concerned the fate of Ukrainian flight 752, which met its end shortly after taking off from

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Populism: Traditional Community vs. Virtual Community

If, as I noted last week, populism is a logical result of our communications revolution that, to an extent never dreamed before, has empowered individuals to control their own destinies, more needs to be said about its other effects. Specifically, populists seem to have the incongruent goals of both expanding individual liberty and strengthening the

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Intelligence Community’s Inspector General Is the Link Between FISAgate and Impeachment

As impeachment remains stalled for now, Democrats in the House of Representatives still refuse to release the closed-door testimony of a key witness in the concocted drama: Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence community. Atkinson, you may recall, launched the impeachment saga when he determined that the accusations by the “whistleblower” about Trump’s

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Realignment and Race in the Anglosphere

Two national elections, one decisive and the other a cliffhanger, have shaken the politics of the West to its core. In the United Kingdom, just last month, Conservative candidate Boris Johnson won a resolute victory for himself and his party. In the United States, barely three years ago, Republican candidate Donald Trump won the presidential

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The Smirnoff Principle

Back in 1981, “Fort Apache, the Bronx” hit the big screen starring Paul Newman and Ed Asner, a political and physical lookalike of Jerrold Nadler. In this drama, police toss an innocent Puerto Rican youth to his death from the roof of a building. Leftist critics viewed the film as cinéma vérité about conditions in

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