From DNC Irony to Parody

The point is not what Democrats say against Donald Trump, or the irony of their rhetoric, but the very fact that their opposition somehow exempts them from the absurdities of their own paradoxes.

Feeling Good Through Feeling Bad

Heroes, promise, opportunity, and greatness versus a round-the-clock obsession with racism and identity politics, climate hysteria, open borders, and higher taxes. Which is the more attractive?


The nightmarish Biden-Harris ticket is the teachers' unions' “dream team.”

Trump and the Christian Voter

To make Christian character and Christian faith a decisive consideration in voting is to say that God would not provide deeply flawed people under any circumstances to govern us. But he does—often for our good.

Harris Drops Her Mask

Harris’ “none of us are free … until all of us are free …” rhetoric would have been alien to the founders and to Abraham Lincoln as it eschews individual rights and duties, instead making an appeal to collective ones.