Trump in 2024? Bet on It!

After another two years of the current disaster, people will be begging for someone to get things back to normal, and that someone will be Donald Trump.

Our Young Guns

It is tough to find younger candidates who embody the right philosophy, who have the ability to win a hard campaign, and who will excel for their constituents and country when they reach office.

Abolish the House of Representatives

In the face of assaults on federalism and fundamental rights, it is time to strike a counterblow against the tyranny of the self-proclaimed majority in favor of deliberative government and diversity.

NeverTrump Hearts Cassidy

NeverTrump is up to its old tricks: bashing Trump, berating his supporters, and cheering his latest nemeses who almost always end up as farcical as NeverTrumpers themselves. 

2020 Hindsight

It would be foolish to scorn a party icon, while allowing ourselves to be pulled toward the woke side.