Third-Party Delusions

The two-party system isn’t permanent, but it would take revolutionary changes in our society to disrupt it. The third-party delusions of centrists and NeverTrumpers are not those changes. 

Your Vote Won’t Count

There is no point in hoping the next election will be magically less fraudulent than the last one. Hope gives you an excuse not to act.

Is Jessica Tarlov a Fascist?

It’s time for Democrats with decent instincts to wake up to the threat their party is posing to the future of democracy in our country, and take a stand against it.

Where the Wave Begins

Since they were sworn in, in January, Democrats have behaved as though voters gave them a mandate to do whatever they wanted. Except there was no mandate.

Back in the USSR

Biden pick Saule Omarova, a “Lenin scholar” and Moscow State University alum, seeks to collectivize American banking.