Back in the USSR

Biden pick Saule Omarova, a “Lenin scholar” and Moscow State University alum, seeks to collectivize American banking.

The Bidenization of America

Those responsible for the elevation of this regime still cling to the theory that the dangers of reelecting Donald Trump justified drastic, unconstitutional means to install an alternative.

The Negligence of Joe Biden

Biden has shown stubborn purpose in making the withdrawal from Afghanistan, whatever the circumstances. He has been equally purposeful in showing no responsibility for conditions at the border.

Impeach Joe Biden

Biden’s conduct amounts to a complete and utter dereliction of duty. The Constitution's prescribed remedy for that dereliction is impeachment.


The long term consequences, not just of the Biden Administration’s complete failure in Afghanistan but their obsession with January 6 and imaginary “domestic terrorists” will be deadly.

Hey, Biden Voters!

You didn’t have a clue about how power works in the real world. You should have. You were a grown-up. You had no excuse.