Articles by Brandon J. Weichert

Run, Kanye, Run!

anye West over the weekend tweeted his intention to run for president in 2020. This with just under four months left before polling stations open (and early voting set to open in some states, such as Illinois, 40 days before the November election). His wife, Kim Kardashian, has confirmed that Kanye is, in fact, running […]

The Case for America’s Union

n many ways, the United States has always been just one domestic political spat away from disunion. This has been true since the halcyon days of the American Revolution. Yet even through threats of secession and a bloody Civil War, Americans have somehow managed to keep the continental superstate together. Great writers, such as Angelo […]

Jeff Sessions Deserves Your Vote

t’s no secret that President Trump has harbored a grudge against Jeff Sessions ever since Sessions, as the Trump Administration’s first attorney general, recused himself from the Russia collusion delusion investigation. Like many others, I was frustrated by Sessions’ recusal and said as much in 2018. Yet, Sessions had no legal choice but to recuse […]

Where the Art of the Deal Must Trump the Art of War

he U.S. military is quietly building up its forces around the failing state of Venezuela. Torn asunder by decades of socialist rule, the Chavismo regime led by the kleptocratic and autocratic Nicolás Maduro is collapsing. As it collapses, the Venezuelan regime starves and terrorizes its own people, supports narcoterrorism, and becomes increasingly aggressive with their American […]

Iran’s Space Threat is the Problem

he Trump Administration has issued an edict to the U.S. Navy: sink any Iranian vessel that harasses U.S. warships operating near Iran. The last two American presidents had to deal with Iranian brinkmanship at sea. Yet, never before has the White House given such an explicit order. What changed? First, the coronavirus pandemic not only […]

China Might Try to Take Taiwan

ven though it was the source of the novel coronavirus pandemic, China appears to be the only country benefiting geopolitically from its knock-on effects. China’s No. 1 strategic goal has been to reclaim Taiwan, an island it has long considered merely to be a “breakaway province.” It seems poised to accomplish this task. Many analysts, […]

Trump Should Use the Pandemic to His, and America’s, Advantage

hen Rahm Emanuel told audiences that former President Barack Obama should “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” he was applauded. Emanuel was referring to the Obama Administration’s response to the Great Recession. Clearly, President Obama agreed. Obama ushered in the greatest reorganization of the American socio-economic order under the auspices of resolving the […]

Trump Needs to Stick It to China

ast year, President Trump agreed to a “Phase One” trade deal with China. As a result of this tentative agreement, the president paused a “trade war” that had begun to harm American farmers. But China hawks believed (and still believe) that whatever damage America sustained in the near-term was worth the longer-term changes President Trump […]

China Is Kicking America’s Ass in Space

China has overcome its last significant hurdle to spaceflight. The Chinese have successfully launched their much-anticipated Long March V heavy-lift rocket. China can now place the modules to construct the Tianhe-1 space station (meant to rival the International Space Station) in orbit and, more importantly, Beijing can attempt its first interplanetary mission to Mars in late 2020. […]