Freak Show Administration

If you’re an American citizen who still loves this country, you should be more outraged than Howard Beele inNetwork.” Whatever angrier than “mad as hell” looks like, that should be all of us right now.

You should be beyond outraged that everything Joe Biden and this freak show of an administration touches turns to dog excrement.

Name one accomplishment that has come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You can’t. Name a single cabinet member who is competent at his job. You can’t.

From inflation, to combating crime, to maintaining law and order, to securing our border, to education, to foreign policy, this decrepit, senile old man and his radical woke handlers are a never ending dumpster fire of mass destruction to the United States.

The current occupant of the White House has the brains of a sloth, the charisma of Jabba the Hutt, the humor of Joy Behar, the creepiness of Jack Nicholson in “The Shining,” the integrity of Pinocchio, the gracefulness of a sumo wrestler, and the energy of a raccoon found on the side of Interstate 75.

Was that too harsh? Maybe, but I don’t care.

I didn’t elect the man who is running this country straight into the ground. I didn’t vote for someone who has destroyed people’s bank accounts and spent us into the highest inflation in four decades. I didn’t vote for someone who checks his watch as he greets the families of fallen soldiers who returned from a disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. I didn’t elect a man who has caused the worst border crisis in history, as drugs and violent criminals pour in. I didn’t vote for someone who lies in public every single time he opens his muzzle; while dodging a sycophantic press like a pathetic, scared child. I didn’t elect a man who has created racial tension; and attacked a popular governor in Florida for the crime of not wanting to indoctrinate our students with sexualized education, and because he does not subscribe to the perverted practice of mutilating children. Yes, that’s what “gender affirming care” is.

I didn’t vote for someone who has allowed the deep state to harass a former president in search of a phantom crime; refers to half the country as “violent extremists;” weaponizes the FBI to go after parents and Christians; and shows more remorse for a mentally ill, transgender murderer, than for the families of the innocent precious children brutally murdered. I didn’t vote for a man who acts with such brazen stupidity that we’re on the verge of World War III. I didn’t elect someone who calls a lid on his workday by mid-afternoon, and flees to his Delaware mansion every chance he gets.

Biden was never sharp at any stage in his life. He’s always been a career grifter, a race-baiter and a political opportunist who has contributed nothing of any value to this country. He has created zero goods, and provided zero services, except when he was selling us out to China and Ukraine so his family could cash in.

He is a moron surrounded by other far more calculating buffoons.

And while all of this is obvious to anyone with a room temperature IQ, the simple fact is, we cannot afford four more years of this Marxist, anti-American administration. Heck, we can barely afford another second, before our currency is worth nothing, gas is completely unaffordable, our oil reserve is completely depleted, and China, Russia and Iran continue to terrorize the world.

The last two years have served as a wake up call that we will not remain a republic if these people remain in charge.

Of course every election cycle is important, but there really is no election more consequential to the future of our country than the 2024 race.

And while it still may be early, everyone who plans on saving our country should consider these questions, when considering who to cast their ballot for.

Which Republican candidate, declared or undeclared, has the best chance to win the general election?

Which Republican candidate, declared or undeclared, has shown that he can consistently win on election day?

Which Republican candidate declared or undeclared has repeatedly defied the corrupt Washington establishment; ignored the leftist propagandists in the media; failed to cave to the pressures of woke corporations; rejected unscientific draconian lockdowns; governed in a manner that respects the Constitution; abides by the rule of law; allows businesses to prosper; supports law enforcement, and puts parents and students first?

To which state has everyone been moving in order to escape dystopian leftist hellscapes, and to experience a taste of freedom?

The answers to these questions should be straightforward, but the time to start having these conversations is right now.

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