Weekend Long Read

The Establishment War on the Intellectual Dark Web

In the war for public opinion, a loose-knit group of politically incorrect celebrities, writers, podcasters, and vloggers is the last refuge of free speech and open debate on the policy issues that will define what sort of world we leave to our posterity.

America, the Racist

For Howard Zinn, it was not a good thing to simply treat former slaves as men, to leave them free to run their own lives. For Zinn, the very real horrors of slavery were simply more fodder for his war against America and Western civilization.

Henry Fielding, a Man for This Season

"To speak out fairly and honestly, though mercy may appear more amiable in a magistrate, severity is a more wholesome virtue," wrote the great 18th-century English jurist and author of Tom Jones. He has much to teach Americans about criminal justice in the 21st-century. 

The Density Delusion

The unchallenged premise that lies at the heart of unaffordable housing in America is that there is no room for more suburbs. That detached homes in new suburbs are unhealthy for people and the planet. It simply isn't true.

America’s Homeless Industrial Complex

An alliance of special interests and government bureaucracies has acquired money and power by presiding over a problem that has only gotten worse, year after year. The worse the problem has gotten, the more money and power they have acquired. Creative solutions exist, and only await a critical mass of networked citizens and conscientious policymakers to insist on change.