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Curtis Ellis is policy director with America First Policies. He was also a senior policy advisor with the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

Anatomy of China’s Influence Operation

Washington’s obsession with foreign interference in U.S. elections drove the three-year fixation on Russia and morphed into a compulsive fascination with the darker corners of the Ukraine (are there any bright corners in that benighted land?). Once again the Pharisees strain at gnats but swallow a camel. If they are concerned about a foreign power

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Munchausen-by-Proxy Nation

What if someone you trusted said you were sick? What if someone you trusted made you sick so you relied on them for support? That’s known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It’s considered a form of abuse. Now, what if someone did all of the above to an entire nation? That would be known as what

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The Long Game on Impeachment

Niccolo Machiavelli advised there was no end to conflict for the prince. Wisdom consists of choosing the option that places one in the most advantageous position for the next inevitable contest. “A ruler must never imagine that any decision he takes is safe,” the West’s first political consultant advised the prince. “He should reckon that

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A Declaration of Independence from China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has forgotten nothing and learned nothing. The threats leveled at the NBA repulsed all Americans. Perhaps the Chinese Communist bosses expected all of us to respond like Lebron James, who criticized Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. But the American people don’t respond

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Republicans Have the Prescription for America’s Healthcare Problem

The 2020 Democrats have a health care problem. We have a cure. Their recent debates featured a Medicare for All plan that is unpopular and unworkable. It’s unworkable because Medicare for All would cripple the existing Medicare program that millions of senior citizens depend upon remaining as it is. It’s unpopular because it would ban

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Try, Try Again! The #Resistance and Impeachment

We are now into the second collusion story and (at least) the second attempt at impeachment, now featuring a second “whistleblower” and counting. If the #Resistance had a motto it would have to be “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” The Washington establishment and their cheering section wearing pajamas in mom’s basements

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While Claiming to Fear Authoritarianism, the Left Actually Breeds It

Nancy Pelosi says her latest impeachment spectacle is “about the Constitution.” That’s laughable since so many of her actions, like those of so many in her conference and their progressive fellow travelers, do violence to the Constitution on a daily basis. The following non-exhaustive list catalogues instances of the authoritarians’ widening assault on our liberties.

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Taking the Lead in the Trade War

America First or lead from behind. That is the starkest contrast between President Trump and his predecessor. And President Trump’s signature achievement could be reopening the question of free trade in general and trade with China in particular. For decades, the leaders of both parties and all of academia told us free trade was an unalloyed

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Democrats Are Lying About Trump’s Mexico Trade Deal

In the same way President Bill Clinton gave away hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico and Vice President Joe Biden helped send millions more to China, the Democrats vying for their party’s 2020 nomination now plan to outsource and destroy yet another American industry. I refer to the so-called “progressive” Democrats’ opposition to the

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