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Curtis Ellis is policy director with America First Policies. He was also a senior policy advisor with the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

How China Recruits Allies Against America

Former Vice President Joe Biden and other critics of President Trump’s China policy say the president should not have imposed tariffs unilaterally. Instead of “going it alone,” the armchair generals opine, we should be “working with allies” to confront the People Republic’s systemic cheating.  The record shows that those saying this are either profoundly ignorant

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Coronavirus, the ‘Phase One’ China Deal, and Globalization

It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth. That would make globalization, and specifically the “Phase One” trade deal with China, the second casualty in the war against the coronavirus. The first casualty—truth—occurred in December, when the Chinese Communist Party hid the outbreak just as it continues to hide the true number

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As China Carries Disease, Elites Carry Their Water

Two dangerous infectious agents are emerging from China. One is the coronavirus. The other is the Chinese Communist Party. Just as a virus infects the cellular mechanics of healthy organisms to make replicas of itself, the CCP hijacks independent organizations and institutions and reprograms them to serve its ideology. It is no exaggeration to blame

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Beyond Davos: Finding Economic Independence and Prosperity

President Trump appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this year as vir triumphalis—the man of triumph. He presides over an American economy that boasts low unemployment, rising wages, and a booming stock market. Most notably, as he was quick to remind his audience in the Swiss Alps: “America achieved this stunning turnaround

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The Most Important Thing About the Trade Deal is the Deal Itself

Chinese Vice Premier and Communist Party Politburo member Liu He is in Washington this week to sign a trade agreement with the Trump Administration. In making the so-called phase-one trade deal, China agreed to increase purchases of U.S. agriculture, energy services, and manufactured goods by $200 billion; open its markets to U.S. banks, credit card

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The Deadly Cost of ‘Free’ Trade

The debate over trade largely has been framed in economic terms. We’re told consumers will pay more for—well, you name it—because of President Trump’s tariffs (even though the data show inflation is nonexistent). But a new study shows that trade policies do exact a steep price on Americans. We are paying for it with American

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Four Aces of Trump’s New Deal for Americans

President Trump’s populist economic program continues to stump the band of economists who pass themselves off as experts. Remember Harry Truman’s definition of an expert: “a fella who was afraid to learn anything new because then he wouldn't be an expert anymore.” President Trump’s booming economy in 2019 proved Truman’s dictum in spades. Like Pharaoh’s priests,

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Clint Eastwood Ahead of the Curve on the FBI

From Spaghetti Westerns to Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood has carved out an image as the righter of wrongs, settling scores and protecting the innocent. In Eastwood’s latest outing as a director, “Richard Jewell,” he’s protecting us from our protectors. Twenty years before Carter Page there was Richard Jewell. Jewell’s all-too-true story serves as a cautionary

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Progressivism and Globalism: A Double Dose of Bad

Progressivism is bad enough. Add globalism to progressivism and it’s 100 times worse. Thanks to that toxic cocktail, we are now saddled with a bureaucratic administrative state that can’t even do the job it was advertised to do. Consider the historical record and our current predicament. The reformers of the Progressive era championed safety standards

By | 2019-12-12T21:43:54-07:00 December 10th, 2019|

Are Cheap Imports Making Cheap Americans?

Another tranche of tariffs on Chinese imports is set to go into effect on December 15. That has the usual suspects gnashing their teeth. The nattering nabobs of negativism continue to repeat the falsehood that American consumers are bearing the cost of the tariffs. They aren’t, as the Consumer Price Index shows and as numerous

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