Accommodation Is Capitulation

The fight over new civics education standards isn’t a mere academic squabble. It’s about resisting and rejecting a corrosive left-wing view of America.

A Political, Not an Academic Argument

Fonte responds to Allen: “The arguments over Educating for American Democracy and the controversies over the teaching and learning of history and civics in our schools are not academic arguments.”

No To Conservative Accommodationism

The Right concedes ground to the woke revolution and gives bipartisan legitimacy to a progressive project that aims to diminish the moral capital of historic America.

A Trojan Horse for Woke Education 

The Educating for American Democracy project’s “action civics” is the latest in the Left’s efforts to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” 

Why the Double Standard With Hungary?

What matters to transnational progressives is not “government by the consent of the governed,” but the elite consensus developed and refined in unelected judicial-administrative bureaucracies.

A Jaundiced Take on National Conservatism

Serious democratic conservatives in America, Britain, Israel, and Europe should be under no illusions about the contempt directed at them by Anne Applebaum and her bloc of liberal internationalists who claim to be the great arbiters of democracy in the world today.

Making Immigration Great Again

In 1794 president George Washington wrote to Vice President John Adams on the necessity of assimilating immigrants to the new American republic’s way of life. […]

The Virtues of Patriotism

The elections to the European Parliament underway now through Sunday present a major war of ideas between the “Europe of Nations” and the “Europe of […]

One Nation

Editor’s note: This essay appears in the Spring 2018 issue of the Claremont Review of Books. Reprinted by kind permission of the Claremont Institute.  In 1993 the president of […]

Trump Enforces Immigration Law

Americans could view immigration policy three ways: Through the lens of a citizen, a client, or a consumer. First, there is the small r-republican view […]

Make Washington’s Birthday Great Again

We once celebrated the individual greatness of George Washington on his birthday, February 22. Historian James Thomas Flexner called George Washington the “indispensable man,” because […]