Kyle Rittenhouse Is America 

If the Left succeeds in destroying this young man’s life, it will be cruel testimony to the degree to which their lies, their cynicism, and their sordid values have won the day. 

The Case of Alec Baldwin

In these dreadful times when American justice is poisoned by politics, justice will not be done, and Alec Baldwin will walk. But let’s not give up hope yet.

Call of the Wild

Western imams may be asking at present for peaceful coexistence, but Islam doesn’t preach peaceful coexistence: it preaches conquest.

Hey, Biden Voters!

You didn’t have a clue about how power works in the real world. You should have. You were a grown-up. You had no excuse. 

The Long Shadow of Bush’s Bushwa

George W. Bush’s duplicity about crucial facts in 2001 made it impossible for Americans to properly understand the struggle against al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, and other Muslim groups. 

Is This Anything?

What we have in the Oval Office right now—after the brief shining moment of Donald J. Trump—is the closest thing possible to absolutely nothing. 

Gender Narcissism

Nothing remains cool forever: that’s the nature of cool. The pendulum never stops swinging. There will be blowback against the current gender mania.

Goebbels’ Heirs?

In official Norway, the likes of Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager are depicted as gateway drugs to neo-Nazism.

Freedom’s Funeral

No, Joe Biden can’t train us to see the world anew. But with enough power, he and his party may well be able to compel a great many of us to pretend to see it as they say we should.

The Hilaria Hoax

Lying is an integral part of leftism, because the leftist mindset is not about truth but about power and control.

An Essential Man

In this climactic battle of our decades-long culture war, we need to win—or be prepared to lose in ways beyond imagining.