Shutdown Shames All of Congress

During the late government shutdown, Republicans kept repeating the talking point that the Democrats were damaging American national security by tying up the budget over the status of 800,000 or so illegal aliens covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The Democrats, for their part, behaved in the manner their

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Cory Booker Meets Ted Kennedy’s ‘Racist’ Ghost

According to the those on the political Left, America has always been a nation of, by, and for immigrants, in terms undefined, unregulated, and unlimited. But inclusive rhetoric is a recent development in U.S. immigration policy, one that stands in stark contrast with our nation's former longstanding practice of prudent, selective immigration. Progressives

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Schumer’s Cynical Diversity Visa Gambit

Washington D.C. was practically in flames last week over President Trump’s now-infamous, though contested, remarks about desiring immigrants from certain countries over others. Politicians fell all over themselves denouncing his comments and expressing their horror, derision, and scorn in varying levels of the dramatic. U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) went on a rhetorical

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The Impossible ‘Dreamers’

“Dreamers.” You hear so much about them. Who are they? Let’s not play word games. “Dreamers” are illegal aliens. Harsh but true. There are more than 1.3 million Dreamers living in the United States, of which 800,000 or so had registered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. They really shouldn’t

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Feminists in Wonderland

Twinkle, twinkle, pussyhat! How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea tray in the sky. (With apologies to Lewis Carroll) The Women’s March and the Pussyhat Project—its sea of pink pussy hats tipped to Donald Trump—has reached its first birthday! But wait . . . instead

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Snowflake Feminism

The anonymous attack on comedian Aziz Ansari, essentially for being a lousy date and inconsiderate sex partner, has led some to think that the spate of attacks on men for sexual harassment and assault might be slowing down. Although the account by “Grace,” the pseudonymous accuser, has been defended by many, others who

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French Manifesto Exposes Feminist Folly

In keeping with the spirit of our times, radical feminists began 2018 with some “big bangs,” and though these bangs were entirely consensual, someone snuck out before breakfast, thereby ensuring controversy, confusion, and prodigious amounts of virtue signaling and wailing. The sexual abuse allegations (and expected convictions) against a long list of powerful

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The Left’s Constitutional Crises: ‘Once Is Not Enough’

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra The Democrats and their media lemmings are no longer a party but a tantrum—one wreaking in its histrionic, heedless wake two simultaneous constitutional crises. First, under the Obama Administration, there was a cabal to pervert the police powers of the state for partisan political purposes. Specifically,

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