Big Lies Matter

Democrats hoped to use anti-police riots after George Floyd’s death to shore up the black vote. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison led the effort by hiding the truth about what really happened.

Swamp Within A Swamp

Local politicians see the government of the District of Columbia, with its bloated bureaucracy and annual multi-billion-dollar federal payment, as their own fiefdom-cum-business. Now only statehood, accompanied by the likely demand for reparations, will do.

Chinese Takeout

In 2018, China declared war on the United States. Few Americans are aware of this, and most who are don’t take it seriously. Donald Trump does—and Beijing knows it.

Rip-offs я Us

Ukraine is just the tip of the stolen-money iceberg. Who knows how many billions in aid to America’s cities and other Democratic Party financial preserves have been looted by politicians and nonprofit middlemen?

The Whistleblower and Me

Late Thursday night, after waking from my second post-turkey nap, my cell phone rang. The caller ID came up as “Unknown Number,” but I had […]

She’s Baaack!

It’s Hillary’s last sales pitch—and the only one she’s never used: If she could stay with Bill Clinton, through all the cheating, stealing and lying, she deserves to be president.

Trouble in Government-Funded Paradise

Wealthy Montgomery County in Maryland has been hit with a string of violent sexual assaults. How do county officials respond? By lauding illegal aliens as "the real face" of the community.

Curtains for Comedy

Comedy used to be funny. Then Donald Trump was elected president. And comedy not only stopped being funny, it became a sinister arm of #TheResistance. […]